Saturday, 13 August 2016

Extreme hairdressing

Profuse apologies that I totally forgot to post this last night

So when we returned from the Beer Festival last night there was no sign of Charlie which is unheard of - he is always either in the road waiting for the car or in the house.  He had been fed early so he would have been feeling hungry anyway - this is enough for him to come home normally.  The three others were in and seemed unsettled like they new that one of their crew were missing.  I can't settle if I don't see them all before I go to bed so I spent the wee small hours looking for him.  Quietly calling for him as I did not want to disturb our neighbours who are here for a week.  Eventually on about my tenth trip around the estate he came running from the direction of the Scrimshankers crying all the way.  I wonder if he had gone looking for us and got a bit out of his comfort zone and struggled to find his way home or worse that he had gone to sleep in someone's car (which he likes to do) and they had driven off with him inside and had to let him out for him to find his way home.  Really don't know but so glad that he is back in the fold - I have had a good talk to him and told him he is grounded but I am not sure that cuts any ice with him.

It appears we were fortunate yesterday - our friends Helen and Al who live down the road not so as their house was surrounded by a fire which crept right down to the periphery endangering their chickens and their bike shed and cottage garden.  It was one of many that day in the Droushia area and big enough to need the water bearing helicopters.  Fortunately they were there to see it start otherwise the outcome could have been so very different.  Apart from clearing up after the aftermath of a major fire like this they and their animals and home are safe thank goodness.

John was off to badders today and I had offered to try and wash Elena's hair to make her feel a bit better now she is back from her brief respite at the hospice.  I went armed with everything I needed but I don't think either of us anticipated it being such a job.  A bottle of Argan oil and two bottles of conditioner and three hours later we took a long hard look at the mass of matted hair caused by many sticky days in bed and decided that it would just be better to cut it out.

Elena's hair is fine at the best of times but her illness and medication and the tugging away at knots meant that I looked down at my bowl and seemed to have more hair floating around in it than remained on her head.  We eventually got it to a point where the comb would go through it and took a long hard look and decided to chop the length so that she was not sporting the Droushia mullet that she had avoided all these years.  She remained stoic throughout - Rabia thought she looked like Dora the Explorer but the lovely Lola was less generous saying she looked like Gollum!  So always ones to laugh in the face of adversity I found the cartoon above which Elena thought was hysterical!

Back home and before we went out with our neighbours I decided to sample on the of the bottles John had purchased from the Beer Sellar with a girlie non-drinker in mind.  It's so nice to have a bit of a choice of something to drink when I don't fancy alcohol.    I tried one of the Gran Malta mango flavoured malt drinks as I am saving the Stowford Press for a special occasion and Mrs Veasey wanted to try the Gran Malta to so need to make sure there is one Mango and one Lime for her.

We only have this evening free whilst Gregoris and Theodora are here to be able to go out with them and so we plumped for Fitos as we knew he would be having fresh Kleftiko tonight.  I opted for souvlaki as I don't always like Kleftiko - it is something to do with the smell when you open up the foil parcel.  John said it was good though and we all had a lovely evening catching up.

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