Monday, 22 August 2016

Family Time...

We are keen to show Gail, Paul, Rhys and Heather a little of the island whilst they are here on holiday and we cannot believe how quickly their time here is passing by.  We thought today we would show them the Brewery and have some lunch then go down to the Harbour and have a bit of a walk before taking them back to their hotel.

It was a very hot day, hot and sticky so our visitors were quite happy to get out of the humidity down by the coast.  The Brewery has changed enormously since it first opened and now the whole of the courtyard is filled with tables for diners and these are covered with huge brollies which makes for a very stuffy environment as there is no room for the air to move.

Unfortunately on a Monday it is Pizza only and it isn't my favourite and it isn't Gail's but the boys all enjoyed theirs - mine didn't come as ordered nor did Gail's so that wasn't a good start!  I didn't remember the fig pizza being made with a fig jam and I asked for no capers and got a shed load which meant mine had to be recooked so it came after all the others.  The venue is now so popular that it has lost something of its charm and I am not convinced the request for people to stand around at the gates waiting to be seated is a good idea when it is searingly hot and there is no-one there to greet you.  Still it gave our guests an opportunity to taste the locally brewed beer and some of the ciders before we went down the hill to the coast.

It was a major bank holiday here in Cyprus - August 15th celebrates the ascension of the Virgin Mary and so must about everyone is on holiday breaking their fast with souvla - we had anticipated the harbour being absolutely chocker and a nightmare to park but I found a space straight away.  Paphos harbour is more like Gail and Heather expected Cyprus to be like and apart from the fact it was too bloody hot and there is very little shade when you are walking along the coast!

We stopped at Ta Mbania for a drink and a cool off and to watch the world go by and see the Cypriots and other holiday makers at play flexing their muscles on the gym equipment trying to catch the eyes of the girlies!

We then walked back towards the Fort and Heather had spotted an ice-cream parlour and was desperate to have a waffle concoction which had Ferero Rocher ice-cream and Maltezer ice-cream and Nutella sauce - she is tiny but my god she soon polished off that plateful - Gail says she has a bit of a sweet tooth - no shit Sherlock!!!

They had hoped that they might get a peak at the famous Pelicans - when we arrived we were told that they wouldn't be around until it was cooler but as we were sitting watching Heather devour her waffle they suddenly appeared being walked along the harbour side.  Rhys couldn't believe that they were such big buggers - he's not wrong!

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