Sunday, 21 August 2016

Not enough of us to go round...

It is the busiest time for us with so many visitors out and about all wanting a piece of John and I and we, in turn, wanting to spend time with them.   We also want to carry on with some of our regular activities plus keep in touch with Elena at a time when she needs our support and at the same time try and make sure that we keep up our regular visits to Mum and Dad.  It is impossible - we are currently chasing our tails and in danger of disappearing up our own backsides.

Today was a case in point.  We had had a lovely evening with Nicky and Mark - we only get together like this about three times a year so that time is quite special.  Nicky is an early riser so when John and I got up she had made herself a coffee and was busy reading a book - it is great when visitors really can make themselves at home - it makes for a much more relaxing time.  Mark had a very very well earned lie-in and then woke himself up with a bracing outside shower - not the best of photographs but I really think it captures the moment!!!  After a leisurely breakfast they made their way back home around 12.00 and Mum and Dad arrived about 15 minutes later!

Fortunately I had prepared something earlier in good old Blue Peter fashion! Yesterday I made a cottage pie in readiness for today.  John chose it and it is definitely one of Dad's favourites.  I had to get the mince at the butchers because the queue for meat at Paps was out of the door.  It was one of the few days when they resort to the ticket system and they were on 56 and my ticket was 88.  This is because Monday is a major bank holiday here celebrating the ascension of the Virgin Mary and marks the end of a fasting period so the locals were all out for souvla meat in readiness for Monday.

Just as Mum and Dad had arrived we had a call from Elena asking if John could go round to help Bassam load her into the car as they had found a bed for her as they are keen to restart her chemo treatment.  We both went round to make sure she got into the car safely with everything she needed and then took the kids to Aunty Friday's whilst Bassam went to Nicosia and back.

We managed to get some of the Olympics for Mum and Dad to watch - broadcasting here is sporadic as the good old BBC has barred people watching it on FilmOn and you can periodically get streams in English but you can bet your bottom dollar that it is not for the things you would really want to watch.

Mum has a swim - glad that she still feels she wants to and glad that the pool is warm enough for her to enjoy.  The new design with Roman steps makes it much easier for people to get in and out and gives a nice cool place for people to sit with their legs and feet in the water.

Once Mum and Dad went home we shot around to see George and Pam.  We were unable to get round for a coffee yesterday as planned as we just ran out of time before Nicky and Mark arrived so we didn't want to let them down again today.  It was just George and Pam as their daughter Louise and son in law Malcolm and the two girls were down at the Droushia Heights with Malcolm's brother Chris and his wife Nicky.  They had all had a bit of a nightmare trip yesterday - they all set off in three small hire cars to the Last Castle for lunch which was fine but then George took them to Lara to try and see the turtles and then took one of the many signposts which say Droushia 13Km - they all say Droushia 13Km - they must have had a job lot they wanted to get rid of.  If you don't know quite where you are going then these roads are barely suitable for a heavy duty 4x4 let alone a lowly little Nissan Micra.  Needless to say they were in a right old state when they finally found human life in Inea - Chris apparently very nearly burned the clutch out in his hire car.  George was gutted - lesson learned George as John did recommend you returned from Lara using the same route that you used to get there.

Anyway we couldn't stay too long as we had organised to have a game of cards with Sharon and Sean this evening.  We have only managed to do this a couple of times since they came over permanently but they have been busy and we have certainly been busy and once the visitor season settles down and it is cooler it is something we can contemplate doing more regularly.  Quite often we come home and they have gone out and vice versa.

The girls were rubbish - we lost every game even though we were 30 points ahead in one.  It wasn't our night clearly.  Back home we had amazing condensation - the night was cooling nicely but I think I was too tired as sod's law I was desperate for a good night's sleep but didn't get it - damn needed it as we have another busy day tomorrow!

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