Saturday, 6 August 2016

Saturday - Being Good Neighbours

Today we have been good neighbours.  I like to think we are good neighbours all the time, in fact good people all round - we certainly try to be and we like to live life on an even keel, treating people as we would like to be treated and in the main it has worked the only trouble is that we are then often top of the list for godparenting and keeping an eye on things for others!

This morning we were on one of our regular trips down the road to feed Millie-Mou - Susan said we need only go every other day but we just can't do that - if anyone was looking after our four I would want to know that they had been seen every day - there are so many dangers for cats here - natural and man-made.  Today she was waiting for us - not hungry but wanting some attention although she looks like she is in love with her cat biscuits in the photograph.

We have a little watering to do so it is better that our visits are when it is cooler or when the sun is not directly overhead.  There are also the spoils of John Read's gardening to collect - loads of little plum and cherry tomatoes which are like little sweeties they are so full of flavour and now peaches and nectarines which although small and hard are packed full of flavour.  The downside to the harvest is that my flip-flops get full of jurassic burrs which are nasty and so painful if you stand on them barefoot.  The cats bring them in on their fur and then remove them and spit them out just where we might find them unexpectedly!

Job done we returned home to feed our own little lovelies.  Charlie is no longer Dad of the Pad when it comes to food Boris is the gannet even though all four of them have recently been wormed.  It always used to be Charlie that would bolt down his food and then go and muscle one of the others off of theirs.  Today Boris very firmly got his head into Charlie's bowl and started to remove bits of food - if he is not feeling quite so brave he simply shoots a paw out and drags the bowl towards him.

Our next door neighbours but one come out next week and we have been keeping an eye on the property whilst Stelios is recovering from his accident.  You think you have loads of time to go and sort things out and then it is suddenly upon you.  John goes each week to check the pool is ok and we have done gardening periodically and most recently last week so today it was to make sure the front garden was weed free, the back garden weed free, sweep out the rooms and put out the furniture in readiness but it was so hot that we decided we had to leave it until this afternoon and even then by the time we had finished we were leaking!

Still it all looked so much nicer when we had finished - although I have asked Louise Bennett to persuade her dad George to treat her mum Pam to some new brushes as her old ones tended to leave more dust behind than they had swept up!

Fundamentally George and Pam's is a two bedroom property like ours but laid out differently as their bedrooms are side on rather than parallel so they have a longer thinner garden.  Sadly they have to put up with the monstrous extension of the house that sits between us - it was erected without planning permission but it is very unlikely that it will ever be removed unfortunately.

Everywhere got a sweep and a wipe down and just before people arrive I will go and put in some fesh flowers to make it look homely.  Our reward (not that we want one) will be a bottle of Pimms and some lime and chili chocolate and our place secured somewhere in the afterlife!  So looking forward to seeing them all again - it has been two years since Malcolm, Louise and the girls were here - bet we wont recognise the girls.

After a trip up to see Elena we treated ourselves to two bloody great fillet steaks tonight - didn't realise they were going to be so big when we got them out of the freezer!

Pleased to report that Elena was looking much better and had managed to eat and enjoy the soup I had made for her.  I am planning to try and wash her hair for her next week as that will hopefully make her feel a bit more human and if nothing else will be a bit of a laugh.

A day of gardening at ours tomorrow before we go down to Mum and Dad's in the evening for a meal.  Sunday's will be a bit disrupted now for a few weeks as we have a string of visitors but at least with pickleball finished if I go down one of the days when John plays badminton I can spend some quality time with Mum and Dad.

Good people?  I like to think so.

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