Sunday, 28 August 2016

The Merry-Go-Round is still spinning...

I slept a little better last night although I was so full I am not sure I ever want to eat again but that ain't ever going to happen because we were collared by George this morning to see if we could join them for a meal in the village this evening so that we could all be together before Louise and Malcolm and the girls go home - that can only mean one thing - meze - and with that in mind I am going to starve myself all day.

First thing this morning John shot off to feed Millie and I set to tackling an army of ants which were making their way from one end of the pool to the other marching in a line right on the edge of pool like a scene out of a Tom and Jerry cartoon.

Good news is that Millie was there and everything at John and Susan's was fine which, because it was the first day of the hunting season, was a bonus.  John said is was like a shoot out at the OK Corral whilst he was down there.  Fortunately it was reasonably quiet up at ours although we have had the sporadic shot at random the last couple afternoons - guess it was someone practicing.

John thinks it is an unbelievable waste of ammunition as there is bugger all for the men to shoot at so they generally resort to taking pot-shots at the road signs and if all else fails toss an empty can up in the air and shoot at that.

With this in mind we like to make sure we do regular head-counts on the cats to make sure that they have been out of harm's way.  All good today when we left to go down to Coral Bay to say goodbye to the Hancocks and then go across the other side of Paphos to catch up with Barry Lynne and Joseph who are staying at the Athena Beach.

The Hancocks were just about packed and ready to go.  Not sure that they will particularly miss the Ascos Hotel which they found quite disappointing - don't get Gail on the subject of shower curtains for god's sake!!! or carpeted corridors!! but they did enjoy the bits of the island that we showed them and they did enjoy their traditional meal at Phideas' Taverna but Gail said the best afternoon they had was when we had lunch at the Blue Olive and then sat around for several hours just chatting and drinking.  Of course Derrick and Rebecca are the perfect hosts and make you feel so very welcome.  We said our goodbyes and talked about them returning - we really hope they do because there is so much more we would like to show them and better places we could get them to stay

We drove across town to the Athena Beach - this is a beautiful hotel and the Robsons have been coming back every year for the past five years.  This year Joseph has overtaken me in the height stakes and when he returns to school after the holiday will be in his second year at senior school so no longer the newbie.

We do not expect to see too much of them this visit.  Lynne has had a very bad year with one thing and another so we aren't expecting her to feel overly sociable.  That is fine by us, we know that it will take time for her to be back to her old self.  Normally she and I have a right old laugh, generally at Barry's expense but he takes it all in good part.

Our whirlwind trip to Paphos was followed by a whirlwind trip up to Elena's to sort out her toenails, remove the old varnish, give the nails a cut and generally make her feel a bit better as she has been feeling particularly poorly the last couple of days.  She is back in Nicosia next week so let's hope they can help her feel more comfortable.

A quick shit shave and shower (and that was only me!!!) on my return because as I expected it was meze in the village but not at Stathmos as I had anticipated - we were going to Finnikas.  Boris can't keep up with all the comings and goings so once fed he retired to the conservatory, made himself comfortable and went sound asleep unlike Charlie and Chivers who wanted to follow us into the village.

Finnikas was absolutely packed last night and it was fabulous - we had an excellent meze - far too much food but I just took the things I wanted like the Green Eggs (eggs and courgette) and tried to duck some of the more filling items.  As we walked back home and got to the edge of the main part of the village around where Linda and Noel lives we were met by Charlie who had been very patiently waiting for us all to return and then he tagged along to walk the remainder of the way - mainly with George!  It occurs to us that the night he was missing he may have wandered down to Linda and Noels thinking that is where we were and waited and waited and waited and eventually come home on his own.

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