Friday, 19 August 2016

The secret is out...

For our Stalkers - all of them!!

So my long winter's evenings are now sorted thanks to Louise who very kindly got me two new knitting books (knitted wild animals and tea cozies) to go with the knitted pets book she gave me before.  Mmmmm so many nice things to knit but the only trouble is getting my hands on reasonably priced wool in colours I need!!

We both went down to feed Millie this morning - she was a no show yesterday so John wanted to make sure we saw her and gave her some love and he wanted to clean the debris from John's pool and he couldn't do that whilst cuddling Millie.  She was there thank goodness and her reward was lots of love and a good brush and some photos sent to Susan and John to show she is ok.

This afternoon John was playing badminton (rather him than me) so Mum and I went out - I had a list of things I wanted to get whilst I was down in the Metrolops.  As I wanted a plant for the garden we decided to check out the newly built Begonia building where we had seen what we thought was going to be a coffee shop.  The coffee shop has just opened and although we only ordered a tea and a coffee we were given a complimentary slab of geographic cake to try.  It was all very nice in there and all very new and an ideal place to park and have a cuppa before fighting your way around the Mall!

The girl on the till was more than happy for us to leave our purchases with her until we had done what we needed to do in the Mall and then we returned and collected them before heading home.  The access to the Garden Centre is a little difficult - it is just on the left after the turning to the right for the Mall if you are coming down St Paul's Avenue.  It looks like they are still stocking the shop at the moment.

We always come home with something or other from Mum's and today was no exception as we had been given a whole load of freshly done olives.  I transferred them from the bag they came in into an air tight jar with some additional olive oil to keep them moist.

John tried a couple and declared them to be very nice indeed - the few we couldn't squeeze into the jar we donated to George and Pam.

We were going out tonight in the village with Diana and Rob but before we did I put up the greenery I had bought for the roof terrace.  I am not a lover of artificial plants and although the clock vine has grown beautifully up one side of the house and along the railings there is nothing on the other side and nowhere for me to be able to grow anything because of the pump house so I just wanted to soften the railings with a bit of green.

It was a beautifully balmy evening with no hint of condensation unlike last night when everything was swimming with moisture.

At this time of year the sun has moved round so that we get a beautiful sunset as we walk into the village - the setting sun was peaking through the olive trees and we were meandering down a little later than anticipated and then got stopped and locked into a deep and meaningful conversation with the Australian man who is over on holiday!  It meant we were going to be a bit later than 7.30pm arriving but as it happened we still got there a second in front of Diana and Rob.

We had a fabulous meze - we never have a bad meal at Finnikas and tonight was no exception but the secret is out about our little village taverna haven - there was a party of ex-pats from Inea/Arodes there - how did that happen!!!

Both Rob and John got 'doggy bags' filled with leftovers and we walked home in very very pleasant temperatures - I was well and truly in the shit though as I forgot to post that day's blog and Diana sat up waiting for it to appear - I blame her - she kept me out too late!

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