Thursday, 4 August 2016

Thursday - Catching up...

Ok so the other day we were in George's and we noticed a moonflower that had self-seeded and was growing away without any problem, without any care and without any water and looking like a very posh candelabra - I think I must have chucked some seeds down last year and one of them took!

So this morning John was round looking at the pool and called me to take a photograph as it was bursting into bloom and it looked and smelt fabulous.  We are hoping that it will look as good when George and Pam are out but failing that I have sent Louise a photograph so she can show George.

On the subject of flowers when I was at Elena's yesterday Lola asked that the picture I do for her is of a rose and a butterfly and I have searched the internet and come across this picture which I really like and which I will enjoy creating and hopefully Lola will like it too.  It is so much nicer doing a picture with someone in mind!

We had organised to go down to Paphos to meet up with Wendy and Bill today - sadly Bill's dad is quite poorly and Bill and Wendy had gone back to the UK last week to see him and the rest of the family - this meant they were unable to join us at TD - it was a shame and we did miss them but understandably in these situations family must always come first.

We used this unexpected trip to the metrolops to set about spending the remainder of our anniversary money from our respective parents.  Having showcased the garden on the day of TD we felt it only fitting to add to our haven with some extra bits and pieces that we might otherwise have not been able to afford.  The major item arrives next week having been shipped over (or given the timescale flown over) from the UK as we were unable to source exactly what we wanted on the Island.  We don't know the other cities well enough to go and explore and by the time we had it would have probably cost us much the same in petrol, tempers and sanity!

We have on several occasions called into a stone place on the Mesoghi Avenue to look for something to hang on an exterior wall - the lady there explained that for it to last in all weathers we needed to opt for concrete and that would be a special order.

Our minds have been changed on each visit as to what we thought we would purchase although the last time we went we saw the plaque of Hercules and had liked him but then we saw the larger plaque of Persephone and Hercules and liked that one as well.  In the end John struck a deal with the lady in the shop and we decided to take them both - there is bound to be somewhere to display them!

It was really good to catch up with Wendy and Bill - they are our original stalkers and it would appear that we have now been friends for over four years - how time flies!  We sat for a cuppa in the Mall and before we knew it nearly three hours had passed by - so much to talk about.  It's strange how when people are living out here rather than on holiday you end up seeing them less than you thought you would - I guess it is because you say to yourself that there is always next week or next month and then time flies by so with that in mind we got the diaries together.  Bill has asked us over to Pissouri as the Football season is about to restart and he is a staunch and happy Foxes supporter and with all that is going on probably needs to let off steam, it happens to fall on a Sunday which is the one day we try and keep free so that we ensure we have a Wiseman/Tregunna meal together so I said to Bill he is going to owe Mum and Dad big style!

Wendy and Bill brought with them a gift for our anniversary - they have the O Vrakas Gift Shop in Pissouri and I was delighted that they had chosen one of their exhibits for us - another lovely item to go in the garden by way of a large dragonfly which cast in resin and then the head and body is filled with beautiful colourful tiny pebbles.

Before leaving I finally managed to find a replacement handbag.  Bonus it was in the sale although I didn't realise that at the time I chose it.  I must thank Diana for letting me have one of hers in the interim.  It served me well but has now gone to that big old handbag resting place in the sky.

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