Tuesday, 16 August 2016


It was a very atmospheric view down to the bay and across to the mountains this morning when I got up as there was an early morning mist hanging in the valley - always such a beautiful site.

Lots more people about at the moment as it is peak holiday season so now George and Pam have arrived, Theodora and Gregoris will be going and Angela and Phillip are due anytime soon.  It confuses the cats because generally they have the run of the place.  Charlie normally moves out and moves in with George because he is spoilt by them - Chivers tends to keep a low profile at the best of times.  Mr Boo irrationally wants to cuddle in this extreme heat and made himself oh so very comfortable on John's lap this morning whilst he was trying to watch the Olympics!  Lovely to have a cuddle - not so lovely when it is over 30 degrees in the house!

John went in to debrief George on what he has been doing with the pool whilst Stelios has been recovering from his accident.  John is pleased that Stelios is now well enough that he wants to take the pool back on.  John was quite happy to tick it over but as the pool ages and things start breaking down it becomes a real problem when the owner is not there.  Anyway George and Pam were delighted with what we had done and how the villa looked on their arrival and to say thanks they have single-handedly restocked our wine rack by giving us a box of our favourite wine!!

Both John and I went down to see to Millie and I went to try and pick as much of the fruit and veg as I could.

We now have a glut of nectarines and peaches and so I decided I would try and make chutney with some of them.  Others I have given to Sharon and Pam so that they don't go to waste.  Millie was there ready and waiting and enjoyed some quality time with John having a brush and a cuddle whilst I was reenacting the Good Life down below harvesting the crops!

I ended up with a carrier bag full of nectarines, a carrier bag full of peaches and a carrier bag full of tomatoes.  I think that is about the end of the tomatoes but as I said before I am struggling to keep up with the fruits trees!

Mr Boo did move today but not an awful lot - when he appeared for his lunch he flopped on the floor lying prostrate and couldn't even be bothered to get up and eat his food properly!  He just rested his chin on his bowl and ate what he could manage to pick up without having to get upright.

It must have been our day for wine today as Gregoris gave us two for us to sample as they had been to a monastery and picked this wine up whilst they were out.  He wants our opinion as to whether it is better or worse than the wines from our local Vasillikon winery.  John seems to think we have tried them before although I didn't recognise the label.

We were invited round to George and Pam's for a drink this evening.  Malcolm, Louise and the girls went down to Finnikas in the village for food and John and I walked down with Pam and George later to join them for a drink.  Lovely to have them back.

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