Saturday, 3 September 2016

Eventually getting some gardening done...

We have the majority of today at home before going down to C&A Apartments this evening for a drink, game of doms and then dinner with Janet and Hadge and the other residents - we normally do go down a couple of times at least for a meal and will be going again next week with Mum and Dad.  The food is always good and the atmosphere is fabulous - it is such a unique place that brings disabled and able-bodied people together without any awkwardness - not only that but the people round the table tonight will be from at least half a different countries if not more.  John was a bit miffed we had missed last night's barbeque because the one they did in July rivaled the meat at Last Castle in his opinion!

We had a very lazy start to the day which was such a bonus and it set me up for the day so that I could tackle the garden which is fast becoming over grown.  Normally I wander round the garden most days and do a bit of weeding and a bit of pruning and keep it under control so that I don't have to spend hours channeling my inner Charlie Dimmock!

When we first came over we brought over some cuttings from a vine we had growing in our garden in Yeovil to cover up a rather grotty wooden fence in the married quarters - two of them took and they are planted in our garden to provide shade rather than provide fruit which is just as well as it doesn't appear that we will be threatening Vasilikon Winery any time soon!  When I was pruning I came across one minuscule bunch which looked very inauspicious and John wasn't overly keen to try them but OMG they were absolutely delicious.  We used to get grapes by the shedload back at Greenwood Road so I am hopeful that in time we may get a reasonable amount.

The olive tree was the next to get my attention.  It looks so much better when it is chopped right back into neat pompoms.  I desperately need some new secateurs and the olive tree haircut proved that - I ended up with massive blisters!

Sadly the lovely jasmine that was growing up the gazebo had developed some sort of problem - at the bottom it had gone all brown and crispy even though the top was still pretty green so I decided to chop it right back and hope that it will come back good and strong.  It had been so full of flower earlier this year.  The clock vine on the other hand is going exceptionally well - a late starter it has now reached the top of the kitchen roof and made its way along the railings and it now in full flower.  Incredible to think that it will get chopped right down to the ground in a couple of months' time.

John started to listen to the Sheffield United commentary before we went out and was gutted when they went 1-0 down to Oxford before we left.

The guy that we got our Android box from was running one of his regular competitions for a new state of the art box and you had to guess the total number of goals scored in the premiership today.  John guessed 17 and going into the last game that was the total with only Manchester United to play Hull.

He took his Ipad down with him so that he could listen to the remainder of the game and was pleased when the Blades managed to get an equaliser and then ecstatic when they managed to get a winner.  Their first win of this campaign and about time!

All we needed now was for Hull to hold Manchester United to a draw and we would have one very very happy bunny.

We managed to get most of a game of doms in until bad light stopped play by which time it was nearly 8.00 and time to eat.

Bless Eva she had put aside some pork souvla from yesterday's barbeque specially for John to take home so he was chuffed to bits.

We kept an eye on the Hull score - and unbelievably at half time it was still 0-0 - a long way to go but so far so good.  By the end of the full 90 minutes we were getting well excited as it was still 0-0 and we were just about to send the TV guy a message to collect our prize when bloody Man U managed to score a goal in the 92 minute - bloody typical still we know our luck in these situations - it is zilch so we weren't surprised to have the prize snatched away from us at the dying seconds!

We had a great evening - the food and company was excellent and when I said that there would be a number of nationalities around the table I wasn't wrong as there were English, Finnish, Swedish, South African, Cypriot and German!

Poor Nitsa and Charoulla said that they struggle with some of the languages particularly Russian and now Finnish but happily I know someone from the village who is from Finland and someone in Prodromi who is Russian and they are both lovely so I think they would be more than happy to help them in an emergency.

My turn for Sunday lunch tomorrow and I am having both sets of parents so no long luxurious lie-in tomorrow I have food to cook!

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