Thursday, 1 September 2016

Helping Hands

So today I had agreed to give a helping hand to Elena as she was committed to hosting a hen party in the garden - this had been organised some time ago before her broken ankle and before the departure of her permanent help which had decidedly left her in the lurch and too close to the event to cancel it.

What I had anticipated was that I would stroll on up in the morning and make some scones and cheese and onion tarts and then leisurely sort the table before the party of 19 (mainly Irish) hens pitched up for their afternoon tea party which was to run between 3.00-6.00pm - how hard could that be... wouldn't have been so hard if two of the hens hadn't decided to pitch up at 10.30am to dress the table for themselves.  The garden was not ready - panic!!!!!

I legged it up there and between us all - with Elena directing events from the comfort of her wheelchair! - we managed to get it looking something like by the time the two arrived.   Explaining that I had just mocked up the table not knowing quite what they had in mind they agreed it would be best to leave their stuff with me and I would get the table dressed to match their breakfast at Tiffany's theme.

After that it was pretty much a blur of decorating and baking, baking and decorating until the party eventually pitched up late at 3.30pm.

I even managed to knock up some pretty impressive heart shaped scones for the occasion which looked lovely on the traditional cake stands with bowls of freshly made apricot jam, mulberry jam and some clotted cream and Elena has confirmed subsequently that they were as lush as they looked when she polished off some of the remainder for breakfast the following day.

It was hot and it was hard work and we had a couple of crises like when the music system failed and we started running out of fizz for the Buck's Fizz but in true US Marines style we managed to "improvise, adapt and overcome" and looking at the faces of the 'ladies' as they tried in vain to pin the willy on the picture of a naked man they all looked to be enjoying themselves.

When the washing up reinforcements arrived at 6.00pm I took my leave - my feet were killing me as I had raced up in my flip-flops meaning to nip home and change my shoes and never got to do it!

I couldn't do catering for a living - it is too much like hard work.  You think you have covered all bases and then someone throws in a curved ball!

Thank goodness that the canopy of trees provided shade so that the food remained looking fresh even though it was really hot and for once there were no Droushia flies to contend with.  We kept the food coming and we kept the drink coming and we dealt with all their requests - really you can do no more than that!

All that is left is to wish the bride and groom all the very best for their wedding day and their future together.

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