Friday, 9 September 2016

La Belle France...

First of all apologies to any French readers for the cartoon but unusually this morning I ventured out without my camera and met two French women cyclists in Droushia.

It was about 10.00ish and the women had hired bikes from somewhere in Polis and made it up the hill - they stopped me because they wanted to know how to get to Lara - bonne chance - that question I could answer but zut alors they wanted to go via the Avakas Gorge (on bikes!!!) so I explained that in my opinion, based on when I was last there, it was nigh on impossible to traverse the length of the gorge on foot let alone on a bike - tant pis!  They then asked if they could complete the journed carrying their bikes - only if they were complete nutters I replied - well I didn't actually I just tried to explain that the floor of the gorge would probably have running water even at this time of the year and there would be mahoosive boulders en route.

I tried to sway them with a suggestion that they cycle the scenic route that runs parallel to the gorge and then cross over near Viklari (the Last Castle) maybe stop there for a spot of lunch and then go on to Lara and then take one of the many Droushia 13Km signs (of which they obviously had a job lot) back up to civilization. But non non non they were hell bent on cycling up to the top of the island Fontana Amorosa and then back to Polis via Neo Chorio and all by 6.00pm.  Their primitive map made it look like that coast road had been built by the Romans - long and straight when in reality it appears to have been hewn out of the cliff faces by an inebriated Cypriot with a sense of humour - it is the infamous long and winding road.

Looking at their miniscule rucksacks I tried to point out that there would be nowhere on that route to replenish their water supplies and even less chance of getting a phone signal if they got lost but they seemed determined so a bid them au revoir and will wait to see if there is a report on the news about two missing French Cyclists last seen heading for Fontana Amorosa.

I mentioned the fig pudding I made yesterday and a couple of people have asked for the recipe so here 'tis...

...I chose the slightly more under-ripe ones and cut a cross on the top and inserted one basil leaf and a sliver of feta before sprinkling cinnamon on top then drizzled some honey and put a glug of Cypriot Brandy in the bottom and then covered with tin foil and baked in the oven with the residual heat from having cooked potatoes.  Not too long as I wanted the figs to retain their shape and not go to mush.  The basil leaves seemed to melt into the cheese giving it a lovely flavour which really went with the figs and then there was the sweet, spicy boozy sauce to pour over - served with cream or vanilla icecream or even greek yoghurt - absolutely delicious, enough for John to say he would try it the next time I make it as George and Pam managed to finish up the bowl with relish.

Anyway back to today and we were going down to Paphos to get Kenny - although the Robsons don't go home until tomorrow they had a heavy night last night and so wouldn't be needing the car any more and it suited us to collect it today.  Since the non-starting issue last week Kenny has behaved himself and I have missed him as he is my chariot of preference.

We met up with Barry, Lynne and Joseph and went down to the beach bar to say our goodbyes to them and to the other members of the Banana Splits Buggy Bunch (David, Michelle and Nicholas) who were leaving later that day.  They were all a little jaded from their big night out and subdued because their holiday was fast coming to an end.

Hopefully they will be back again next year and because John's folks are coming out at different times next year we may be able to spend a little more time with them.  They wont come and stay because both Barry and Joseph are allergic to cats so they stand no chance in our house.

I can totally understand why Lynne loves this hotel so much because it was so relaxing sitting in the garden with the sea nearby and the lovely gardens.  She says it is her time to totally unwind and after the awful year she has had so far it was lovely to hear her say that she was ready to face whatever was thrown her way when she gets back home - that is such good news.  In fact all three of them looked happy, relaxed and tanned - in fact John and I look more like milk-bottle tourists because we so rarely sit in the sun!

As the Athena Beach is situated opposite the Aliathon complex and our lovely friend Claire has her arts and craft for sale at the gallery there I took the opportunity to just nip across the road to check it out.  Sadly I had missed Claire who had been in attendance in the morning so I just had a little nose around.  It is a beautiful gallery with some fabulous things in there - in fact I could buy them all - anyone wanting to buy me a gift could do worse than to get me one of the sculptures of a shoal of fish which I loved.  Not everything in there is Claire's as she shares the gallery but everything is so tasteful and displayed so beautifully.  Go visit and go spend your pennies - there is something for every pocket and I know Claire does commissions if you have a special requirement.

This evening Janet and Hadge invited Mum and Dad and John and I to join them as their guests at C and A for one of their evening meals.  We have done that every year for the past four years and we are made to feel so very welcome and the home cooked food could teach some of the local tavernas a thing or two plus they have the trump card of Kumar who does a really mean Sri-Lankan curry and certainly didn't disappoint tonight!

Eva (the matriarch) is mad keen on her garden and tonight took me to see an unidentified plant that is growing beautifully in the garden.  It is my challenge to see if I can find out what it is and how we might propagate it as it was beautiful.

We couldn't persuade Dad to stay over so Mum drove them back to Emba which we worry about when it is dark because it is a bit of a lonely road and poorly lit in places so we were pleased when they text to say they were home safe and sound.

John's folk's holiday is now racing by and before we know it we will be taking them to the airport and it will be holiday done for another year - however they have already booked two visits for next year!!

Finally when I last looked I had received nearly 100,000 views of my humble blog - who would have thought anyone else would find my personal diary of interest - I am quite big in Russia it would appear and Saudi Arabia looking at the stats - so welcome one and all...

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