Saturday, 10 September 2016


You know that you have started to integrate into the Cypriot way of life when you actually go out and buy Loukaniko because you want to eat them not because you have a Cypriot coming for a meal and you know they expect them.  That dry spicy sausage that you used to view with suspicion when it appeared as part of a meze or even worse as part of a breakfast when you were expecting a good old British Banger and which got left on the plate or worse lobbed into the nearest plant pot because it had a 'strange taste' -  we love them and had planned them for tea tonight as a snack but our plans changed...

We planned to go down to Polis and pick up Janet and Hadge and take them to lunch at Molos and then when we had chilled and eaten and chilled some more take them back and then come home for the afternoon and evening but we had forgotten that today was Eva's birthday and so there was going to be a tea party at C&A Apartments in her honour this afternoon so we said we would stay and celebrate with her.

Molos is a great place for a 'light' lunch - none of the eating establishments in Cyprus seem to be able to do a small, light meal so this is about as close as you can get!  Three of us ordered the steak baguette with chips and salad (although no salad for Janet) and Hadge opted for the breakfast bap combo.  It is delish and only €7.50 which is a bargain whatever the exchange rate!

We were treated to a stunning display from some migrating birds heading back to wherever they spend the winter - they span and circled over the yachts - not sure exactly what they were but think from the body shape they were some sort of crane - apparently the Demoiselle Crane can be seen in the skies in August and as it is only early September I am guessing that might have been what we saw.

I had company at lunch - one of the harbour cats came to check me out and my handbag.  He looked a dead ringer for Chivers but only Charlie came from the Latchi area so no chance that it was a relative.  When he realised that he wasn't going to get anything from me (my plate was empty) he moved on to the table behind who obliged by feeding him tasty morsels.

With some time to spare before the tea party we investigated the shops in Latchi - Janet found herself a lovely necklace at Yiota Jewellers and after discount came to little more than a good piece of costume jewellery which was a good news.  The old Roberts Gift Shop is now called something else and seems to have been given some nice new products - I particularly liked the wooden goods and got quite a few ideas for future craft projects.

Back at C&A we were privileged to
be asked to join in the tea party celebrations for Eva's 75th birthday.  She is a remarkable lady who makes everyone feel special and she always wants John and I to continue to visit and have coffee with them even when the season has finished.

There was a massive selection of stickies to go with our freshly made lemonade and then John and I got brought coffees before we had to take our leave and get home to feed the cats.

I know I say it all the time but C&A is so unique people are just treated as people irrespective of their disabilities and the place is filled with such a fantastic atmosphere of acceptance and respect and love that everyone should sample it just once - your life will be changed for the better.

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