Tuesday, 6 September 2016


I have been nursing a headache for the past couple of days which just comes and goes - I think it is the weather but to be on the safeside I am trying to make sure I drink more water than I normally do - this isn't hard as I drink next to nothing all day.  Today I woke feeling woozy and decided not to do too much - we had the day to ourselves and then Janet and Hadge were coming for supper along with Lou and H who we haven't seen for ages.

The cats prepared themselves for a quiet day and with it being a lot cooler this morning bunched up on the sofa in readiness.  I think Charlie must be missing George and Pam already as they have taken themselves off for a couple of days visiting friends and family in the Limassol area.

They were my company as I got the food ready for this evening.  I had decided to make it easy for myself and please Louise by serving her favourite - sausages!!!  I thought some nice sausages and caramelised onions served with wedges, salad and coleslaw followed by good old Paps carrot cake!  I dispatched John off down to Polis to get some bits and pieces and whilst he was down there he called in for a cuppa with his mum.

I got everything ready, cooking the sausages in readiness so they only needed to be heated in the oven alongside the wedges, making the salad (separate one for John's Mum) and the coleslaw and then making an additional salad dish with the courgette I had been given yesterday which I ribboned and then tossed in a peanut, chilli and lime dressing.  I finished by preparing a fresh jug of hickory sauce and then rested on the sofa for a while with a cold compress for company!

Feeling a little better I thought I should start to tackle making a few Christmas Cards as Rebecca from the Blue Olive has a lady who always likes my cards and so she puts a few in the restaurant.  I managed to make a stamp out of the end of one of the potatoes in the cupboard so knocked up some Holly ones just to get started.   I need to do the insides but at least I have made a start - if I can do a few every now and again then I wont have to panic come November!

I did a little gardening as the osteospurmum was so desperate for a haircut - it has started to get very woody, lots of the plants need a damn good haircut but I need to have a whole day of nothing but to get it sorted because I hate starting and then leaving it unfinished! We have a visitor in the garden which I think is chomping its way through the moon flowers - it is a mega mega grasshopper which is more akin to a locust!

It was really good to see Lou and H and to catch up.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the simple supper as it went down really well.  There is something so comforting about a good old British banger!!!  The evening became quite chilly - well those of us who live here thought so!  We retired to the conservatory to chat.  Eventually it was time for Lou and H to go and for us to take Janet and Hadge back to Polis - by which time my headache had gone - good news.

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