Saturday, 17 September 2016

You're gonna hear me roar...

People often complain about the internet - and yes there are a lot of bad and sinister aspects to the world wide web but there are equally some really positive things which come out of Tim Berners-Lee's technical leviathon and just recently this was beautifully demonstrated when a group of people got together to create their own special video for my lovely friend Elena to support her in her fight against breast cancer.

Elena had mentioned that one of her favourite songs was "Roar" by Katy Perry and so they decided to record their own version and tag in a load of messages from friends of Elena located all around the globe.  It is too long to post on here as a video but you can watch the whole thing on YouTube here ROAR - the recording took place last Friday afternoon at a studio in Paphos.  Unable to attend myself our contribution was a personal message which appears after the singing.  Take a look at the video it is amazing and it will give Elena hours of pleasure as she watches it over again.  This would never have been possible without the power and reach of the internet.

Our day continued as a fairly standard Friday.  As I said the bee-eaters have returned on their way back to spend the winter in Sub-Saharan Africa.  It always makes me sad to hear their distinctive sound at this time of year high up in the skies and then to see the flashes of colour from their magnificent plumage because it signifies that we are moving into Autumn and then inevitably into Winter with all that will bring.  We are hopeful that the work we have done on the conservatory floor will deal with the water under the door issue we have had in the past.

This evening it was to be the last supper club at Orexi HQ and Elena had asked John and I to go up and join her after the diners had finished as she planned to get herself down to the garden in a beautiful party frock which Bassam had bought her and spend some time with a special group of people who included some of her very best friends in particular Belinda who had introduced her to Bassam in the first place and who had come over to whip them into shape and get them organised and had succeeded in a short space of time - we now get regular remonstrations from Lola that she no longer has any clothes because Belinda has got rid of them all!  It was Belinda's last night in Droushia and Ooh La La Louise had come from Limassol to take her back to the airport.  It was good to see Elena back in the garden joining in and we were all mindful that she could get tired but she did well and it was good to see her enjoying herself amongst friends on a beautiful night which was enhanced by the sounds that had been brought along by Claire and Mina.  I can't believe I managed to stay awake into the small hours - I am generally tucked up in my jimjams before 10.00pm!!  I shall pay for it tomorrow as we are up early and carrying out our next village clean.

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