Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A day of visiting

So today we were having a day of visiting.  The weather has cooled considerably and today rain was forecast on the island somewhere.  We are now heading for the time when our PV panels only just cover the general electric consumption of our house but fortunately we have plenty in the bank to draw upon.

As we were getting ourselves organised we had a cat collective all sitting on the wall - we reckon they must have been watching Sharon either walking Koko or sorting out Bigfoot and her foal.  Just before John took the photograph they were all in a line looking out to sea but by the time we got the camera Chivers had got bored and turned round!  Don't know what a ginger cat collective is called apparently it might be a 'Snap'!

We had to run a few errands in Polis before going across to Giolou to have a coffee with Mina and a catch up and for her to be able to say a final thank you for the loan of our generator whilst she and Claire were waiting for electricity to be connected to their house.  I had hoped that Anastasia might have got my curtain sorted but we were there too early and the shop wasn't open but I am in no rush just as long as it is ready for our next lot of visitors .  We had a parcel to pick up from ACS and that office was closed too although we only had to wait a few minutes before it opened and John took delivery of the spare part he had ordered for the generator.

Although Mina and Claire's house is far from finished there are lovely touches of Claire's artwork and craftwork dotted around.  She is a very talented lady and we love her work - it is fluid and organic - and these pieces in the photograph above have been lovingly crafted from the weird ytong material you get here which is like pumice stone.  In fact you can pick it up on the beach and we have a few pieces so maybe I will get some inspiration to craft them into something nice.

The Hounds on Holiday part of their home is doing really well and it looked like Mina had a full house and in the house was their own dog Molly and some yappy little handbag dog belonging to a Russian lady.

Not so long back Molly was a bit poorly and gave everyone a scare but she seems to be ok - a little chubby maybe!!!

Claire was at work so we didn't get to see her so we just spent the morning chatting with Mina and ended up staying longer than we had anticipated but it didn't matter as we weren't due to our next location until later in the afternoon.

We drove back home for some lunch taking the scenic route via Theletra - I will get to go there and take some serious photographs one of these days but today was not that day - John wanted a spot of lunch and a quiet hour before we went to visit Gregory and Helen in Inea (George and Pam's friends) - they had phoned last week to invite us round and we had promised we would catch up with them today.

We had some pieces of driftwood and some marble offcuts that we planned to take for Gregory - he makes fabulous things out of pallets and we though he could do something with the wood and marble rather than it just be lying around our place doing nothing.  In return Gregory gave us four large bags of pallet offcuts for the wood burner!!

Helen offered us a cuppa and then proceeded to laden the table with carrot cake and biscuits and other goodies - she and I chatted whilst John went off with their son Paul to investigate his bikes - Paul is starting a mountain bike business called Akamas Mountain Bike Tours and he has some seriously serious bikes available for people to hire.

Helen and Gregory have two dogs, Paul has one.  They noticed the sign on the car for Lou's dog grooming and enquired about it for one of their dogs Goldie and we managed to contact Lou and arrange for her to visit next week.  Whilst we were chatting the skies darkened and John could feel some precipitation in the air so we had to rush down and cover up the tables of trachanas that were supposed to be drying in the sunshine.  Tray upon tray of the stuff - cracked wheat dried in soured milk and lemon juice which is used to make a soup which the Cypriots rave about but which no-one else seems to like!!!

We have promised to keep in touch and will go and visit again - John is interested in the skirting board heating system which Gregory is going to have installed so we are going to go back and see it fitted and in action.

As a parting gift Gregory gave me one of the miniature pomegranate fruits from one of the trees in the garden which he told me to dry out and then plant.  As we have just bought a load of second hand terracotta pots I will be looking for something to grow in them!!

Again we stayed longer than we had thought so we had a quick turn round and bite to eat before we went to Sean and Sharons for a game of cribbage.

I excelled myself with tea apparently - I have discovered these soft taco wraps in Paps which we love and last so much longer than bread or pittas and I found a jar of KungPo sauce which is used with some chicken and shredded onion, cucumber and peppers.  John thought it was absolutely delicious and it didn't take five minutes to knock up.  Shall make sure I keep a packet of those tacos in the fridge for emergencies.

So our final visit today was up to Sharon and Sean's for crib - we had asked them to us but as they have only recently acquired Koko we thought it unfair for her to be left on her own so soon.

I am glad to say that the girlies were victorious on this occasion.  Now that the weather is getting cooler and the night's longer we will try and do this more regularly than we are able during the summer.

Koko was so well behaved we hardly knew she was there except when Charlie decided to enter the garden and of course that raised her interest!!

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