Friday, 7 October 2016


So I have found the culprit that has been making a meal of my purple Tradescantia Pallida - the early morning cool and the overnight condensation has brought out the snails and the slugs.  Slugs I cannot abide but the snails are quite sweet and so I cut them a little slack.  I just picked this one off and lobbed it over into the field!!!

It is Friday and we were being good today and going to the gym - this would be followed by pickleball for John and I and then badminton for John.  I pushed myself on the static bike to cycle further than I had managed on Tuesday - not much but anything extra is an improvement!  I follow this with a bit of weights for my bingo wings - I am not sure they are responding!!  Still it is better to be doing something rather than nothing.  It was an absolutely glorious morning and we took our tea outside on the veranda as all the sofas were soaking wet from the overnight dip in temperature.

I don't know who does the floral arrangements at the hotel but they are always beautiful and seasonal.  Today there was a simple arrangement of roses in differing but complimentary containers.  The biscuits today were pretty first class too - and with the staff returning to the normal full-time regulars rather than the temporary summer people we were treated to a good old plate full as our reward for our work-out.

We had a good old work out at pickleball and we were telling Liselotte and John that we had been watching some world championship match and it didn't look anything like as fast and furious as we play so they suggested I videod a bit of one of our games and I have to say that the video does it no justice whatsoever - it looks very soft and tippy tappy whereas in reality it is much quicker and harder than that so I am not posting it!!

Unbelievably on our return home John went into the pool - apparently the temperature was 23 degrees which is getting a little on the cool side for me and I declined his invitation to join him preferring a nice warm shower instead.  

We had been invited to join George and Pam for a final meal before they return tomorrow.  George had wanted to go to Fitos but as we were getting ready I had a message from Diana to say that they had just driven past it and it was all shut up with no lights on which is very unusual as Friday is one of their busiest evenings.  The only other time something like this had happened there had been a bereavement.

We decided to walk into the village and as Bambos was not cooking at O Stathmos but rather at Palates we plumped for Finikas once again.  

We tried to ensure that Charlie didn't follow us - he started to but then saw some strangers on the estate and kind of thought better of it although he was waiting for us on our return walk back with a rather disgruntled look on his face that he had been left alone once again.

The village was fairly busy and looks lovely at night with the various coffee shops and tavernas lit up.  There were already people eating at Finikas inside and so we decided to eat inside too.  I recognised them from earlier this morning as I had seen them taking breakfast out on the terrace at the Droushia Heights - we got talking to them and they said that even though they had holidayed at the very expensive Aphrodite Hills they much preferred the 'real' cyprus that the had found in Droushia and particularly liked the food and the ambiance at Finikas.  Good news for Marina and Philippos!  

As always we had an excellent meal and were pleased to see two other tables become occupied whilst we were there.  Far far too much food and John was gutted when he realised that he had left his doggy bag there - bang goes his lunch for tomorrow!  So thank you George and Pam for treating us and safe journey tomorrow and don't leave it too long before you come back.

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