Monday, 31 October 2016


Oh yes we are most definitely into Autumn as our days are starting with rolling mists!!!  When I went to feed the cats this morning I couldn't see across the field - it was grey and murky and quite chilly. But this didn't last too long and once the sun was up and doing its stuff it turned into a glorious day up here in the hills.

My walk to Sheila's took a different direction to normal as I decided to go up and see Elena this morning whilst it was quiet and the children were at school.  I needed to avoid Miss Lola as I have still to finish her picture and I couldn't face her being in a strop with me - too scary for words!!!  Anyway I found Elena sleeping off what had been a hectic Sunday at Orexi HQ as she had held a larger sale - we caught up on the news and the gossip and I got her up so that she could be ready for her physio session with our local physio Jo Peacock.

So once Jo arrived I said goodbye to Elena and made my way down to Sheila's taking the back road that brings you out by the Church rather than my normal route through the village.  Not that it meant I saw any more people than I normally do - in fact the cat what the only living thing I encountered until I got to the coffee shops.

You can see from the colour of the sky at 10.00 how the mists had cleared and what a beautiful day it had become.  Hard to know what to wear these days as it is beginning to feel cooler indoors than out.  We just have our fingers crossed that for the few days Sally and Tommy are here they will experience some sunshine like this - the village looks lovely when the sun shines - even the abandoned buildings but when it is grey and raining well that is a different story.

So I am pleased to report that I have eventually finished Miss Lola's commission - a rose and a butterfly and I have enjoyed this challenge.  The large rose took some doing to get it to look right but I think the leaves set it off - I am not entirely convinced about the colour of the butterfly but that was what it was like in the original - personally I think it is a bit bright but hopefully Lola will love it.

Completing a picture is like saying goodbye to an old friend or finishing a book you have enjoyed reading - it is sad to put it down and difficult to get into a new one.  This is the same with art.

The next picture I am tackling is for me so there is no rush and if someone wanted something in the meantime I can happily put this to one side.  I am doing a picture of hydrangea heads in a glass vase.  Normally I only put in a few guidelines but as hydrangea heads are made up of lots and lots of individual flowers I needed more than I would normally bother with - anyway as I said to Klaus this one should keep me out of mischief for some time to come!!!

So another enjoyable morning with Sheila and Klaus followed by a very enjoyable lunch and an idea for tea for tomorrow as Klaus had made a fritatta and I need to use up some bits and pieces I found lurking in the fridges when I cleaned them at the weekend and that would be ideal as I have some potatoes, peppers, ham and cheese that have seen better days!!!  Thank you Klaus for the good idea.

It was glorious this afternoon, more than halfway through October - how lucky are we Rob Veasey?

Mum reported that they had heard rumblings of thunder around Paphos although I don't think it came to anything.  Nothing like that for us here fortunately.

We spent a quiet afternoon in and around the house.  John has been completing a few small jobs in readiness for visitors and in readiness for the winter and was looking forward to some peace and quiet when I went off to belly dancing.

I can't believe that next week when we go it will be dark - courtesy of the clock change at the weekend.

We had a good group this week - I missed going last week as we had bumped into Angela and Richard.  Nice to see my friend Dina there looking all graceful in the back!!!  We had a good work out and Diana and I said on the way home that our waists are getting more shapely.  This has spurred us on and we are more enthusiastic about going to the gym as we are seeing results from that exercise too.

Home for tea and some of mum's horseradish beef which was in the freezer - mmmm mmmm very nice too.

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