Saturday, 1 October 2016


This morning I was up at the crack of sparrows - we had an exceptionally early night last night so after 9 hours of good, good sleep I woke refreshed and was feeding the cats by 6.00am - on opening the back door I was rather taken aback by the real chill in the air up here - only about 14 degrees!!!  We wanted to get up and get out early as John wanted to get some bits and pieces for our flood defence water butt overflow system and I had to pick up my old passport from ACS which they had phoned about yesterday.

We had a massive marrow which we dropped off at C&A much to their delight and we stopped with them for a chat and then wandered over to the Polis Herb Garden for a coffee whilst we waited for the ACS office to open and then did our weekly shop before picking up Amoura from balled and dropping her back home.  I managed a quick visit to Elena but she seemed exceptionally tired so didn't outstay my welcome.

I have a deadline looming for finishing the picture for George and Pam - they return to the UK next weekend after nearly two months here and when they have gone we will certainly miss them.  John thought it would be a nice idea to ask George round this afternoon to watch the Man U v Leicester game as George loves his football and is a staunch Man Utd fan.  For my sins I asked Pam if there was anything she wanted to do if not joining George for the footie and her little face lit up when I suggested a bit of shopping at the Mall.  Now I know my place in heaven is firmly secured!!!

Here is Pam like a child in a sweetie shop taking her time to leisurely look around Jumbos rather than when she was route-marched through with George the other week!!!  She didn't spend very much but luxuriated in the freedom to mooch and mooch!!  She had a couple of things she was looking for so most of which could be found in Jumbos or Tiger or La Maison or Zara Home so we started at Jumbos and worked our way up to the exit on the top floor.

My reward was to rest my ears with a cup of coffee at La Croissanterie and a shared pain au raisin!  I say my ears and not my feet because I had carefully chosen some comfy footwear but bless Pam she likes to chat!!  Anyway she really enjoyed our few hours of retail therapy whilst George really enjoyed the 4-1 thumping that Man U gave Leicester.

To celebrate a lovely day and to acknowledge that their holiday is racing to an end we went to Fitos for supper.  Thank goodness I had booked because the evening was chilly and so we were ensured a seat indoors and it was as always PACKED.  Both Fitos and Joanna came to apologise for the length of our wait but it was worth it.

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