Sunday, 23 October 2016


So last night we had a very enjoyable meal at Gabors courtesy of my aunt and uncle - this has become something of a tradition at the end of their holidays here in Cyprus and although John was only firing on three cylinders we just didn't want to miss it.

Even though main tourist season is over this restaurant is in the enviable position of turning away more customers than many tavernas manage to get through their doors and this is even more surprising because Gabors is situated on the first floor so doesn't actually get passing trade.

It is all down to the food, the service and the ambiance and Mum and Dad have been going there for years so they know we like the round table when we are a small group and they make us feel special.

Our lovely meal was finished off by a lovely warmed brandy and I was quids in because tonight John opted to drive so I got to have a drink and as we left we ladies we were presented with beautiful pinks to take home with us.  Thank you Aunty Joyce and Uncle David and let's hope you manage to return again next year.

So not the best night's sleep for either of us - John kept getting hot then cold and snored terribly because his nose was blocked and so I was disturbed too!

We had some things we wanted to do today before having a rest and then going down to Emba for Sunday Dinner with Mum and Dad and a final goodbye to my aunt and uncle.  First and foremost we needed to get the woodstore stocked ready for the winter whilst it is dry and easy to move the wood around.  We have had wood stored all over the place and needed to try and get it all together and sorted - we have noticed we have a number of 'tickers' which means they have something unpleasant living inside them so we have quarantined them and they will be the first to be burned - we cannot afford to have them in the house as we have so much wood around inside.

As John rested and recharged his batteries I set about creating a canvas which Lou-Lou had asked me for - I think she might want something larger and waterproof eventually but this was a first pass using one of the little canvasses that Elena had given me the other day when she had sorted out the kids toy cupboard.  Anyway I shall give it to Lou on Monday when we are meeting up for tea and stickies at Tala Monastery as one of the Work Life Balance days that we organise each month.

We had a quiet drive down to Emba.  The clocks change at the end of the month - or at least they do on this side of the island - in the Turkish Occupied north they have decided to keep the timezone as it is which will be a bit random - two time zones on a small island!  Anyway shortly after we arrived I nipped out to capture the sun going down - this is the view down Mum and Dad's drive - stunning!

We had a very pleasant evening together - blimey how many of these have we had over the years?  As a child we spent many an exciting Christmas at the Miles' and there are certain things that bring back brilliant memories - painting by numbers, Lily the Pink and a breathalyser all spring to mind - then hiding people in the boot of the car to gain entry into Butlins (and they blame the youth of today for bad behaviour!)  We are very hopeful that the three members of the 16th September club will be together again next year - we are already planning things to do and places to go.

Thanks Mum for the lovely meal and for bringing a big bowl of the horseradish beef back with us - we shall enjoy that on some other occasion.

Sorry Elena that I couldn't be with you at your girlies soiree at The Muse today - but you know our Sundays are sacrosanct.

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