Tuesday, 4 October 2016


We have an unusual alarm system in the morning - it either consists of Miss Minnie Mou sitting a millimetre from your ear giving a very quiet but very carefully pitched Mwaaaaaaaah at such a level that it just pierces your consciousness or we have Charlie performing some sort of great trapeze act by trying to walk along the top of the bedhead which is curved and narrow and which Charlie is most definitely not not so the exercise is doomed to failure - oh the joy of owning pets!!!

On that subject we had to extricate some poor little bird from the jaws of Boris this morning - we think it probably flew into the glass of the conservatory and Boris just happened to be passing - whatever happened John managed to rescue it and put it on the fence panel to sort itself out.  It disappeared and didn't reappear in the house or the garden so it either flew away or died of shock.

We are now trying to get back into our exercise routine - so it was gym this morning as previously only it is a bit harder to get back into the routine after all the time off and the excesses of the summer with so much more food and wine consumed!!  We did our work-out and then retired to the pool area for our normal cup of lemon tea and a look at the view from the terrace which was spectacular this morning.

The hotel still seems to have a reasonable amount of visitors - many of them seem to be walkers and the village is a great place for doing that plus they seem to have some offers on for the rooms which will keep people coming in.

Exercise done we went back home for a bit of brunch before we set off to Paphos and a game of pickleball or badminton.

As we were relaxing before setting off I had a phone call from Phillipos at Finikas - for a moment I thought it was to say he couldn't do the meze we had booked this evening as our last meal out with George and Pam but this time he had his postman hat on and told me that a parcel had arrived which had to be in my possession today!!!

It turned out to be the shoes I had ordered to go with my dress for the wedding next year in Dubai!  They look a bit more pink in the photograph than they are in real daylight and match my dress well.  They will kill my feet I know but they are only for the main part of the ceremony as I have been sensible enough to purchase another pair for the remainder of the evening when I will need something a little lower!   I just need to find a handbag the right colour and I am sorted - much to John's relief and my bank balance!!!

We had an hour or so to chill before our trip to the big city and as the weather is cooling the cats seem to be round us more than they are not.  Boris thinks that everyone loves him and he isn't far wrong.  Today he snuggled up to Chivers and the two of them had a snooze on the sofa together.  Initially they were head to head but their whiskers must have irritated the other one's ears so eventually they sorted themselves out - Boris looks by far the more comfortable!!!

On our travels down to Paphos for sport and to see Mum and Dad we were treated to a helicopter fly past.

I post this picture as a reminder to John that he is retired from the military because it would seem that you can take the man out of the navy but not the navy out of the man as he is still overly concerned with punctuality and preparation and order and routine and systems and lists.

These are all good things in moderation but he is retired and he needs to cut himself a bit of slack sometimes!  He will know what I mean!!!  His motto is Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance and he stands by that mantra - it could be worse and I know that my friend Elena thinks this is fabulous!!

It was a good afternoon sports session - I really enjoyed it and John enjoyed his badminton - although warm nowhere near as sticky as it has been which makes the drive home more pleasant as we are not sticking to the car seats.  On our return Charlie had found a novel way of cooling down - he was sat on the patio dangling his tail into the pool for some reason - he clearly liked it as he was in no rush to move.

We were out tonight - our last evening meal out with George and Pam before they return to the UK and George had decided that we should eat at Finikas.  I had booked it and asked for something a bit special to mark the occasion.  We had a little time before we needed to go out and most of it was spent trying to decide what to wear as the temperature has really dropped here at night.

We opted to eat outside even though George thought it was freezing!  We were joined by Rob and Diana and we had a really really really good meze - far more than we would normally have to eat including a rather nice moussaka which was an added extra.  Lovely food, lovely wine and lovely company and a lovely letter from the UK taxman which included a small but very welcome rebate!!!
A good night all round.

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