Sunday, 13 November 2016

A quiet Sunday

A little short post today because we had, what was for us, a quiet Sunday.  We are just about ready for our visitors save for some last minute cleaning and we have an itinerary of sorts pencilled in and a menu organised. 

I spoke to Sally today because I wanted to tell her that it can be a little chilly in the evenings and she asked if she should pack her bikini - I almost turned blue at the thought, not of her in a bikini but of exposing flesh now that it is cooler here in Droushia!!!  I dare say in the middle of the day she would be fine down on the coast!!!

We are enjoying beautifully bright days and cool nights - Mum says that they had rain this morning down in Paphos but there was no evidence of any here in Droushia - having said that it can be hard to tell as there is so much condensation at night.

So I will apologise in advance for the quality of the photographs today - they were taken hastily on my phone. I left John to watch some football in peace and I went down to Paps to do my shopping.  This year the shops are able to remain open on a Sunday, normally by now we would have to have got our act together and done shopping on another day - I must say I try not to shop on a Sunday but needs must this week as I will be struggling to get everything done before Visitors on Thursday.

The roads were nigh on empty on the way down to Polis - it is a joy to drive around the island at this time of year - there is so little traffic.  I took the main road down through the village - this is going to have to be the focus for our next village clean up as it is very messy again - messy and now sporting graffiti which is the scourge of the island.  Once our visitors have gone I will get the clean-up organised and I think we may have a few newbies the next time after our visit to the school in the week.

I passed not a single car between Droushia and Prodromi although when I got to Costas' Cottages where the road narrows I did pull in and let Alistair go by.  I am guessing that the Cypriot traditionalists would be involved in a big old family Sunday get together and not out doing their shopping - sensible people.

Prodromi and Polis were equally quiet - I began to wonder if I had missed an announcement to say that supermarkets were going to be closed on a Sunday after all but no Paps was trading.  There is something quite nice about sleepy Sundays and I almost felt guilty at being an intruder.  Sundays back in the UK when I was working were always manic - food shopping, DIY shopping etc etc no time to just to relax.  Having said that the fact that everything is closed on a Saturday afternoon as well makes things a little difficult!!!

Paps has embraced the commerciality of Christmas with shelves of decorations big and small.  This is so very different from when Mum and Dad first moved over when Easter was the big celebration (it still is) and Christmas was very much an afterthought really only for the ex-pats living here.  Cards and gifts used to appear in the shops so close to Christmas Day that there was no time to get them posted back to the UK!  Still business is business I suppose but I hope they don't introduce the decorations any sooner than the beginning of November.

There was a traffic jam on the way home when my route was barred by a herd of goats crossing the road near the Karithea Taverna.  It had been very warm down in Polis but as you can see as I headed back up the hill towards Droushia the clouds were beginning to amass and it was much cooler.  There were two cloud systems in competition with one another and for a while it looked like we might get a shower but nothing happened.

The skies this evening were spectacular - the photograph above was taken from Mum and Dad's front door step.  The cloud cover meant that it was a warm evening down in Emba.  Mum was cooking the tea and I was taking down the pudding - I had done the self-saucing citrus souffl√© things which were to be twice cooked as I had prepared them in advance.  They were a bit heavier than the first one I made probably because these were individual and I wasn't sure on the timings but still tasty nevertheless.  We managed to squeeze in a game before and after our meal - I was victorious in the first after a bit of a slow start but drag-arse Charlie in the second.  A good night was had by all and we were home safe and sound and tucked up in bed for a relatively early night - these early morning feeds are getting the better of me.

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