Thursday, 17 November 2016


Up at the crack of sparrows this morning to be at the Doctors surgery to start round two of my mosaic project.  In the morning there is the other group of mosaicers plus a gaggle of women who are doing the basket weaving.

Blimey these women can make a noise - with an average age of about 104 they discussed everything from their husbands (or lack of them) to the fact the Hilary Clinton had lost the election to Donald Trump.

The blister on my finger was giving me grief and I had tiny shards of glass in my hands and I was desperate to try and get my fish completed today so that I could be in a position to get it grouted and finished next week.  Thankfully Eleni was really kind and helpful and said that whatever I didn't manage she would do for me so I would be able to finish next week as planned.  In return for her kindness she asked me if I could call into Alpha Mega on our way to the airport to meet her husband who would have some medication that she desperately needed.

I seemed to take one step forward and three steps back with this project - I would lay a load of tiles which looked perfect to me and she would remove them saying they were no good - too big, too small, not nice!!!  Not good and add that to the fact that the glue we use is made from fish eggs and stinks, the seat was worse today than yesterday and the lighting even worse and I was glad to leave and set off for the airport!!

As we were going out of the gate to head off for Larnaca I noticed my new passion flower is in flower - I had hoped it might be different to the one in the back garden - the leaves looked different but the flower looks the same - as it wasn't in flower at the time I had no way of knowing - still never mind at least I know this one to be hardy and a good bloomer when it gets going.  It should cover that bit of fencing in no time once it is established.

We made good time to Alpha Mega and met up with Eleni's husband who kindly bought us a coffee for our troubles and invited us to come back and visit them in Lefkara at some point - we said we would.

The flight came in on time and with only hand luggage Sally and Tommy came through really quickly and it was great to see them looking so well.

Six years melted away in an instance - it was non-stop chat all the way home - their flight landed at 7.30pm and by 9.30pm we were in Droushia without having exceeded the speed limit - thank goodness for cruise control!

We sat down for our first meal together - the weekend is going to fly by we know but we plan to make the most of it and have our itinerary to hand to make sure we dont just waste the three and a half days they are with us.

John had managed to finish the wooden heart project and we gave it to Sally and Tommy as a little piece of Cyprus for them to take home.

It was the wee small hours before we got to bed - the wee small hours, several glasses of wine and for Tommy and John some rather large slugs of the Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire which they brought as a gift - I tried it - it does indeed have the taste of Christmas that they were told it had - I could only manage a small snifter though!

Fingers crossed that the weather will be nice tomorrow as we have trip to the beach planned and that wont be nice if it is raining.  The forecast isn't so good for the weekend as it has been but there again it is November!

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