Friday, 11 November 2016

Getting ready for visitors...

Today we were at home - no trips down to Emba as we didn't have enough to play pickleball and John didn't have badminton so it was going to be a day of cleaning for me and chores for John as we get the house ready for visitors.

We decided to start the day with our regular trip to the gym.  I could so easily say no - the gym for me is hard work but the day I do will be the day I stop!!!  We picked up Diana and had our regular session.  I just wish the static bike thing was more comfortable for me - it was clearly manufactured with much taller people in mind and I have to stretch!  Still I manage to do my 20 minutes and covered just over 12km and expended nearly 190 calories!  It was a glorious morning and we sat outside on the terrace for our lemon tea afterwards - we have everything crossed that the weather will remain like this for next weekend.  The island looks so beautiful at this time of year when the sun is shining.

This week in the post we received a really lovely thank-you card from Jackie and Stan.  I am guessing that Jackie made the card herself.  Clearly they really enjoyed their day out with us and it was so nice to know that our taking time out for them had been so appreciated.  We shall look forward to them coming out again whenever that will be and will find some new places to take them - we already have a couple up our sleeve!!!  We managed to pack a lot into the day we had with them but then that is the beauty when the clocks haven't changed - now our days are so much shorter (and cooler).

As we were home all day John thought we should have a good breakfast inside of us until we had our supper.  I had some little chipolata sausages waving at me from the depths of the fridge and having had a good workout this morning we decided that we should treat ourselves to sausage sandwiches to set us up for the tasks ahead!

John armed himself with his to-do list and set about his tasks and I armed myself with the mop and bucket, polish and duster, swiffer and dustpan and set about giving the bedrooms and the conservatory a mammoth clean.  It is so depressing to know that within a day or so it will all need doing again but for a short while at least it looks lovely.  You realise, with the tiled floors, that carpets hide a multitude of sins because here there is no-where for the dust to go except accumulate into tumble weed balls - the worst of which amass under the doors for some reason and appear like hallowe'en type sausages when you least expect it.  Barred from the bedrooms the cats sunned themselves in the conservatory taking advantage of the autumn warmth.  They were soon to be kicked out of there too but they had fun whilst it lasted.

We had been invited to our neighbours for a farewell drink later this evening - they leave on Monday and so we decided to have an early supper and a sit down before going out.  It is Mum's turn for Sunday lunch but I offered to make the pudding and John wanted me to try and make the self-saucing puds in individual ramekins.  It isn't so easy to judge how long to cook them compared to the timings given for one large pud and I wanted to slightly under-do them so they can be finished off at Mum's.  They seemed to come out ok but as they say the proof will be in the eating!

I am trying to make room in the freezer in readiness for Christmas as I want to try and get a lot of things prepared in advance if I can - that way I wont be tied to the oven.  With that in mind John had requested steak for supper and I knew we had some in the freezer but I hadn't anticipated it being such a large piece so we had massive slabs of prime fillet to consume!!

We had been sorting out the cupboards and decided to fill all the candle holders rather than just stockpile candles and never use them.  This meant it was rather a romantic setting to accompany our steaks this evening.

As we had an hour or so to relax before going out we decided to watch some trash tv and came across an episode of Open all Hours - we never realised at the time how near the knuckle some of the one liners were - a particular favourite came from Ronnie Barker as Arkwright speaking to his nephew David Jason as G-G-Granville... "you know your mother never used her head for business quite the opposite in fact!"

Oooooo Matron that was a bit saucey!!!

We had a pleasant couple of hours round at our neighbours where we were plied with lots of sweet things like galaktoboureko and daktyla and mahalepi - all of which are nice but maybe not accompanied by red wine!!

John managed three snifters of zivania before calling it a night!!

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