Saturday, 19 November 2016

just like old times...

So with the arrival of my arch nemisis Mr Tom Allan we just had to dig out the old faithful Othello board game which John keeps saying we should get rid of.  I can't tell you how many challenges we used to have when we all used to go camping - Tommy was the champeeno in the Connect 4 stakes and I was the champeeno with Othello and I am pleased to report that I remain the champeeno having secured the corners and therefore dominated the game - eventually!!!

We had a lazy morning - the travelling, eating, drinking and talking had caught up with our guests and as our plans were relatively fluid there was no rush to to anything in particular which goes against the grain for John who does like to have a timetable and itinerary and to be fed at regular intervals - you can take the man out of the navy but not vice versa.

We all say we are guilty of trying to over-organise visitors when they come out as we want to show off the best of the island and the visitors just want to chill!!

We took a leisurely breakfast sat outside in the garden - keeping it light with fresh fruit and yoghurt as we would be doing more serious eating later.

It is incredible that we can still eat outside this late in the year and we are grateful that it is like this as our guests are only here for such a short time.  They say it is like a normal summer's day in the UK for them and incredibly my nutter of a mate Sally actually went into the pool today - in the buff as she hadn't brought a cozzie (hence there are no photographs).  She said she needed to do it to wake herself up - I am not entirely sure she would have done it if she had realised just how cold it turned out to be!

We spent some time today looking at the pebbles we had collected yesterday which Sal wants to take home for a project - we need to make sure she has got exactly what she wants otherwise we will be making another trip down to the coast to find what she is missing.  We do have a trip pencilled in for Monday morning and a late lunch before we have to take them back to Larnaca so if all else fails we can do it then.

Tomorrow is going to be a quiet day in an around home with me cooking our evening meal - most of which is done already.

We ventured out this afternoon to the winery where it was warm enough to sit out on the terrace even though the owners thought we were nutters - the winery has done so well this season that they are out of their white and rose so we just had to have the red which is no hardship as it is our favourite!!

We decided to accompany our vino with a nice little cheese platter which was the perfect accompaniment and we spent a very pleasant hour or so out on the terrace eating and nibbling, nibbling and eating and chatting with some tourists who had found their way to the winery for the first time.

We made our way back home via the Bandstand so that we could catch the sun setting through the clouds and take in the stunning panoramic views from that vantage point.  Tommy has this fab camera which takes the most brilliant panoramic shots and I shall have to get him to share some of the ones he has taken - particularly in the winery where we ran round to appear at both ends of the shot like we used to do as children in our school photographs.

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  1. We are reading this as the rain is lashing down outside. We had such a lovely time, you forgot the extreme Uno! Brings back happy days we have spent with you two over so many years.