Thursday, 1 December 2016

A day of beds...

It was a day of beds for us today - particularly as John had been asked to dismantle a four-poster for a friend this afternoon!  But it started this morning when I woke feeling like James Caan in Misery - Boris had gone to sleep like a dead weight over my ankles pinning me to the bed and leaving me feeling most uncomfortable and then to add insult to injury Charlie hauled his bulk onto the bed to tap dance on my bladder and no amount of persuasion would get him to stop - the only way out was to get up and get them fed.

I needed to get up because today I was going to give the house a damn good bottoming whilst John was busy on his project.  Charlie had already made acquaintance with the new cushions - they seem to have met with his approval - him and his strange white spots which are appearing in his fur.  These spots do not seem to bother him and I can't find anything much about them on the internet save that they might be some form of vitiligo but that seems to be more prevalent in black cats.

The new delux double bed was duly completed and the first visitor was Chivers who viewed it with some suspicion had a scratch, probably deposited half a dozen fleas (joke) and then wandered off suitably unimpressed by John's handiwork.

I know I keep saying it but November is glorious - today it was 26 degrees at mid-day in the sun - too hot really for cleaning but I wanted to get on with it - things got cleaned today I don't normally bother with - why is it that when I moved the red rug in the dining area that underneath was what looked like a ton of sand - where the hell had that come from?  I am not overly keen on that rug anyway - it never looks very clean even when I have given it a damn good hoover.

 Minnie wasn't interested in the new bed either - she has found the old bed which is tucked away in a quiet corner - right up her street and she has now commandeered it for herself.  We should have christened her Greta Garbo as she likes to be alone except for half an hour at night before she goes to sleep when she likes to have a cuddle with John and half an hour after she has had her breakfast when she likes her other cuddle with John.  I don't get a look in!!

Boris didn't come in to inspect the new accommodation but eventually Fatso decided to give it a go and got himself well comfy.  The underside of the cushions is a sort of faux sheepskin fabric which the cats would probably love but being white will get dirty far too quickly and it doesn't look like the covers come off so I would have to put the whole thing in the washing machine.

Di and Rob kindly called round with our post - a parcel from Amazon is always exciting and we are making the most of it whilst we can until Brexit kicks in and we have to pay so much more to get things from the UK.  Today's little gem was a 50 led solar light with motion sensor which is going in the garden somewhere to light the pathways so we don't have anyone falling over in the dark.

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