Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Christmas Ladies Lunch

It was our Droushia Ladies Lunch Christmas Meal today at the Droushia Heights Hotel.  To be fair quite a few of the ladies come from surrounding areas so there is a nice mix and everyone seems to get on well - it has taken a while for the group to gel but it seems like any clickiness has disappeared as people make an effort to speak to everyone that attends.  Mum comes and they all know her now and chat to her which is really good and she enjoys coming.

The Droushia Heights is a lovely venue - when we arrived the heating was on and the fire was lit and it although there was sunshine after the early morning rain there was a bit of a nip in the air outside so it was cosy and warm when you got inside.  Mum and I arrived early but had been beaten to it by Lou-Lou who was sitting by the fire - she is not normally able to make it as she is working so hard so it was good to see her.

Although the hotel seems to be quite busy at the moment they appear to like to make sure we have the dining room to ourselves and they had the table laid out beautifully with a horseshoe shaped table which was to accommodate the 20-odd of us that were assembling today.  I had left John in charge of a shepherd's pie, carrots, peas and gravy which was to provide lunch for him, Dad and Klaus, he had detailed and foolproof instructions and he obviously carried them out to perfection as he said lunch was perfect.

As has become tradition, at our Christmas meal we do a sort of Secret Santa buying a gift for no more than 5 euros which we put in a box or bag and then pick out a gift to take home.  I was rather hopeful that I might get my own back as I liked what I had bought.  It was a little kit to make your own Christmas tree decorations which were little wooden santas in hats.  I didn't get my own back so I hope that the person who received it like it!!

At each place setting the hotel had placed a bag of hand made Christmas Biscuits which was a lovely touch.  I had planned to go round and see Elena after the meal to fill her in on any gossip and to see how she was doing so collected together three bags so that there would be one each for Amoura, Rabia and Lola.  I had hoped to take Elena along but sadly she was not well enough so I would take a little piece of it back for her.

So here is our festive bunch minus Marianna and Koula who arrived after I had taken the photograph all assembled ready for our feast.  We started with a very nice pumpkin soup and roll, then there was the cold selection with lots of lovely salads including a really nice rocket, pomegranate and orange one which was particularly nice.  There was loads of hot choice including a freshly carved whole turkey.  The sweet collection looked fabulous with five or six to chose from including fresh fruit.  Big thanks to Sheila for organising and big thanks to the Hotel for making us so welcome and putting on such a great spread!

Once Mum and Dad had set off back home John and I went round to see Elena - she was cosy warm in her special bed in the lounge with the woodburner going and she was surrounded by friends who just carried on as normal having a laugh in her company - I have promised to take her round some magazines and get a box of washing powder for her mum tomorrow when we have our Christmas Shopping day in Paphos. 

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