Friday, 2 December 2016


I have been playing around with the camera on my phone ever since I found out it did panoramic shots - it takes a bit of practise to get a good one and the longer the panorama the thinner the finished picture but at the top you can see the view of our back wall with the completed aluminium panelling and then in the middle is a shot of the decked eating area at the back of the kitchen with the guest gazebo in the background and the barbeque on the right and then the final picture is the view beyond the wall looking down to the coast.  Thank you Tommy for showing me what your phone could do so that I could do the same with my own!!

We are being abandoned over the next few days - Diana and Rob are nipping back to the UK before Christmas just for a week and Sharon goes at the weekend just for a few days then John and Susan are going for several weeks and we will feed Millie their cat - Susan always says we can go down every other day but we like to make sure we have seen her and she is so sweet and gets lonely so we go every day - it's ok if we go and we see her because if we don't then John will want to go again later in the day to see if she is around - it's a bit of a trip down the hill and back which is ok if it is dry but if it is tipping down I am less than enthusiastic about leaving the house!  Still if we were ever to ask someone to feed our cats (very unlikely) we would expect them to do the same.

We went down to Polis this morning before going off to play pickleball.  We had a number of errands we needed to run which involved going to the Alpha Bank, which is a joy, and the Co-op Bank which is a bit more of a challenge simply because the staff do not speak such good English there - our fault at not being able to communicate more effectively in the native tongue.

We had a little shopping we needed to do in Paps - it is now looking like a right old Winter Wonderland even though the temperatures outside were in the mid 20s and we were shopping in t-shirt and shorts like holidaymakers!  I like our local Paps supermarket - the staff are great and I particularly like Valentin the Romanian butcher who is more than helpful.  He always goes to see if there are any pigs livers available rather than just say no.  The cats love pigs liver and at €1.24 a liver it is a bargain even if it is a bit messy to prepare and this is generally my job.

Back home Fatso seemed to have been able to sniff out the pigs liver from a million miles and woke from his slumbers and was waiting at the door for it to be unpacked and served to him.  This was the cue for all the others to come mithering - they all love a bit of liver!!

Mum did not play pickleball today - she has aggravated an injury to her shoulder and we have persuaded her to give it a little rest otherwise she may have to retire for good and we know she would hate that.  John played and then tested out his iffy knee at badminton although not for very long.  Whilst he was playing Mum and I ventured over to Gerouskipou because Mum wanted to go to Euromania.  There is a funny looking clothes shop a couple of doors down - from the outside it looks a bit tatty but inside it is a right old Aladdin's cave and there is probably something in there to suit every taste.  I said to Mum if she found something she liked I would get it for her for Christmas and we managed to find a really nice outfit.  It won't be a surprise for her but I would so much rather she got something she wanted.

We finished off the afternoon with a visit to see Fred who is still at the vets - not a good photograph because he wouldn't keep still he was so excited to see Mum and she had only been there in the morning.  Still recovering from the horrendous abscess he had on his neck his personality is changing from a terrified feral who lashed out to a loving cat wanting cuddles - the vet is amazed and so are we - we are now hopeful that he will settle when he finally returns.  His wound is open but looks clean and is healing slowly and he is eating well - his castration caused him no issues at all.  I know Mum and Dad are happy they did the right thing and however much he costs it will be worth it because they miss him dearly.

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