Monday, 12 December 2016

Monday Monday...

A beautiful sunrise this morning as the sun crept up over Friends Reunited - how much better would this shot be without those hoardings which heralded the arrival of a super-duper retirement village bigger than Droushia itself and which is now a bit of a white elephant.  We do see trucks going in and out periodically but we are guessing it is only to repatriate things which are inside!!!  I am glad it is a nice day as I am hopeful that my lovely friend Elena will be coming home from Nicosia and I will be able to keep her amused with tales from the village and gossip if I can glean any.  In fact we bumped into Bassam later in the morning who confirmed she was on her way home and he was slathering himself with locally brewed Zivania to ward off a cold.

John dropped me off at art this morning but beforehand he had his own craft project that he wanted to finish.  He wanted to make a stone sculpture to go in Rob and Di's garden - we know how much they love their garden and we thought they would like this as a sort of extra Christmas present.  John had hoped to finish it before they returned home and to put it in the garden for them to find but the weather was against him.

He finished it this morning and decided to go down this morning to grab a coffee off of Rob and chew the fat over the previous couple of football games and to see how they had got on back in the UK.

The Veasey's weren't at home and I should have remembered that Di had told me they had to go to Paphos this morning so John was able to put the sculpture in the garden and we waited to see if they would notice it on their return - they didn't!!

I had the morning working on my picture of hydrangea flowers in a vase and Sheila has started her new picture which is of a leopard.  My picture is progressing slowly and all the tiny little flower heads are causing me angst after peering at them for a couple of hours it reminds me that I must go and get my eyes tested in the New Year when hopefully it will be easier to navigate around the Old Town which is a complete mess with all the refurbishment work they are doing.  If my livelihood depended on my art I would have to knuckle down and work much harder than I do when I am with Sheila!!!  We had a good old chat about the lovely Christmas lunch we had with them yesterday - I am always very grateful that they have taken Mum and Dad into their home and life and we all get on so well.

On my return from Art we shot off down to Kamares to remove a tree which had been blown down at a house which is looked after by friends of Nicky and Mark - when Nicky was warming her toes at the weekend up at ours she remarked on the fact that her friend Fiona had a tree that needed to be removed - she wasn't sure if it would be any good for us but all wood burns and as it had been blown down for a while was probably going to be easy to deal with and nigh on ready to burn - we couldn't really tell from the picture she showed us but went along anyway to find out.

We weren't entirely sure what the tree was and it was down and it looked quite dried out so we made quick work of cutting it up into pieces which would fit into the boot of Kenny - it could almost be silver birch looking at the bark but no idea - John said it would provide 3-4 nights' burning so we were very grateful to Nicky and to Fiona for thinking of us.

Belly dancing was cancelled tonight and I wasn't too bothered because Di and Rob wanted to take us to Fitos afterwards for supper as a thank-you for looking after their house whilst they were away so with bellydancing cancelled we were able to go earlier.

It was lovely in there, Fitos brought over a patio heater to keep us warm and toasty in the corner because all the glass can make it feel very chilly and damp otherwise.

We all had good meals - we normally do and I have to say that Joanna's stifado is one of the best I have eaten apart from my own that is!!!  Fitos was happily coming round with freebie food and brandies and we went home feeling full and happy.

Di and Rob had still not spotted their surprise and we had a good laugh pulling their legs about its location.  It's good to have them back and thanks Di for posting my post and buying the things which we asked you to look out for us xxx

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