Monday, 19 December 2016


Wooo hoooo back to art today and my very taxing picture of hydrangea heads which I thought was such a good idea at the time!!!

The picture is progressing slowly - the flower heads take such a lot of time and because you work on the picture so closely you see every imperfection.  It isn't until I sit back and take a photograph of my progress at the end of the session that I can really see how it looks.  It is going to be a nice picture in the end!!!

Sheila has embarked on her new picture which is going to be of a leopard and you can follow her progress on her blog Follow Me and My Life in Art  this is a subject matter close to her heart after all her wonderful years living in Africa.  Recently Sheila has been lucky enough to sell a couple of her pictures from the craft shop in Polis That Nice Shop in the square - go check it out if you are ever in the vicinity.

December has not started very well - up here in Droushia we started this morning with rain and there is a very cold wind even when the sun is shining.  This weather prevents John doing some of the outside jobs he would normally tackle on a Monday.

He has fallen in love with the blinkie we bought on Thursday when we were in the Mall and I found him cuddled up with Charlie keeping warm when I returned from Sheila's - he wasn't asleep just posing for the camera but toasty warm none the less!!!  We will be going to purchase more blinkies when we get and opportunity that's for sure!!

I called round to see Elena this afternoon, only for a short while as she looks so tired.  Everyone was home and Rabia was keen to show me his new football shirt - a lovely gift from Lucie's husband Tom.  I pulled Rab's leg that he was sporting a Yeovil Town shirt but it is of course a Celtic one - same colours green and white hoops which used to be quite rare but having looked it up on the internet there are now quite a few teams that play in that strip.

The first games Yeovil Town played in the league proper after gaining promotion from the Conference in 2003 was against Rochdale which was one of the furthest clubs which the travelling Yeovil fans would visit.  A Carlisle fan asked a friend of mine how long it had taken them to get there (meaning from Yeovil) and my friend replied "108 years" because that was how long it had taken the team to get promoted!!!

Anyway Rabia loves it and was off to football practice having played at the weekend and been on the right side of a big win although he didn't get to score himself.

Our normal routine is going out of the window with Christmas coming up and sadly our belly dancing was cancelled until the New Year - that is a shame as both Diana and I like belly dancing and it has had some positive effects on our figures!  We decided that if Sofi is unable to continue with the lessons due to her commitments for the Paphos 2017 City of Culture celebrations we will substitute our Monday evening belly dancing with Monday evening gym at the hotel and started it off tonight.  We went off and did our normal Tuesday morning work out and then treated ourselves to a coffee afterwards.  We were glad we made the effort and it was super lovely and warm in the hotel afterwards - we said we could have sat there all evening is was so cosy.

The village is now lit up for Christmas - apparently Lynda and co did the crib on Friday which is situated by the church and the lights have been erected and are lit at night - often dual purpose as they are sometimes used at Easter as well!  χρόνια πολλά is a general greeting which can be used for birthdays and Christmas it basically means Happy Year.

We have put up a few more decorations and the house feels a bit more festive now.  We have rung some changes and swapped things around a bit just because we generally always decorate it in the same way.  Before we know it Christmas will have been and gone and we will be itching to put it all away again.  Just one conundrum left - how to seat 8 people on Christmas Eve!!

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