Friday, 23 December 2016


We had a change of plan today because there is no pickleball tomorrow (our normal day) and insufficient numbers for today so John and I were going down to make sure there was a game.  We had also planned in some last minute Christmas Shopping for things we had either forgotten or not been able to get previously - i.e. bread sauce mix (sorted at Cycleband thank goodness!!) and I know I could make my own but I am aiming for a stress free day!

I had an appointment for a facial down at Kate's this morning - it is my bi-monthly treat to myself and if funds permitted I would and probably should go more often.  As I was down in Polis I took the opportunity to run a few errands like take my new laptop in to have Microsoft Office put on it as I have realised that I cannot do without it - the substitute mail program I am using is awful and I am tearing my hair out - I also had to take in my little Samsung Tablet to see if it was worth repairing as the usb connection is knackered (my fault I think).  I also went into Paps which, on a Thursday morning just 10 days away from Christmas Day was hardly what you would call heaving!!

It was a very pleasant hour in Kate's being pampered - my skin has felt really dehydrated now that the winter weather is here and places have a variety of different heating types all of which seem to wreak havoc with the old pores.  I was also due a back massage but it got missed off the appointment book so I am going back in next Thursday for that - it should set me up nicely for the festive weekend ahead.

I needed to kill a little time before collecting my laptop so had a little mooch around Polis - there are some lovely shops for finding different gifts - the window of the Polis Exhibit Centre looked lovely as did Home Concept where they have all sorts of lovely things for the home and currently have discounts across the shop.

As I passed by the florists where I normally buy plants if I am not going up to the Nursery in Agia Marina which belongs to her husband my attention was well and truly grabbed by the unusual Poinsettias that they had for sale - I bet these are common elsewhere but I have never seen any with the pompom type heads that these had - I can't decide if I like them or prefer the original shaped ones.

We are back on feeding duties for Millie-Mou down the road - God bless her she is such a lovely cat and when we go never seems overly interested in her food she just wants a cuddle.

She is a tiny little thing who looks lovely when she is sporting her winter coat but very thin and bedraggled in the summer. With her colouring and her temperament she reminds us so much of our old cat Pinks and John has a particular soft spot for her.  Although Susan says we need only go down every other day to feed her we really like to know that we have seen her - at the moment there is the danger of hunters and if the weather has been really bad we like to know that she has sheltered inside and not been freaked out by thunder and lightning.

If we thought for one minute our cats would accept her and she would not try and wander back home we would bring her up here for her holidays - looking at the way our four beat each other up I think that would be impossible.

Anyway pleased to report she was there this morning and ready for a cuddle and a brush if not for food.  Day one done, all good, phew!

The island is beginning to green up after the recent rains and the heavy condensation which forms overnight.  In the winter when the sun shines the skies are bluer and the island begins to look fabulous once again.  It always amazes us how quickly it turns from cinder crisp to green and lush and the goats will be thankful for that I am sure as there will be richer foods for them to graze on - I could hear them in the distance as I stopped to take this picture.

I called into the cafe to check for post to find that Father Christmas had called and left a parcel - sent by his elf Janet and containing parcels and cards including a lovely one made from Jackie for which I think I may have given her a little inspiration after she took home one of my 'I love you to Pieces' pictures made from a jigsaw.

The rest of the day went well - a good session at pickleball with five of us running around - this will be the last game before Christmas but not the last for 2016.

We did the shopping we needed in record time - thanks to the trusty list and had a gyros in Derlicious for our early tea and then headed home so John could get settled for the Sheffield United match which was to be televised later on.

I started to get myself organised for the jingle tomorrow and was so glad I managed to get the last two bottles of Tanith's famous mulled wine just in case anyone fancies a drop when they get back to ours after tramping the streets of Droushia and visiting the various drinking establishments.

The soup is done - the breadsticks are bought, the disposable dishes and spoons are at the ready - just please don't rain...

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