Thursday, 8 December 2016

Wet wet wet

Not much to say about today except that it was a write-off as we had torrential rain and storms and high winds ALL day - the only good thing was that the work which John has done on the flood defences has paid off and we no longer have to worry about water coming into the conservatory - that is such a relief.  It has had more than a test over the last two days - we seem to have had more than our fair share of rain.

We needed to venture out to check on Di and Rob's house to make sure that no water had got in and that the wind hadn't deposited things in the pool - Sean's garden furniture was swimming this morning!  It was ok except that the pool was extremely high but we weren't sure whether Norbert was due to come round and John didn't want to interfere - we should have thought to phone them then and there because we did it on our return home only to find that Norbert was not due and so John had to head back out again in the driving rain and pump out - after the rain we had today he may have to go and do it again.

As a joke we decided to stage a picture Chez Les Veaseys and tell them that it was a sad day for us as our mini break was coming to an end and we would miss the central heating - John had taken down his dressing gown, slippers, book and empty coffee cup and we turned the photo sepia so that they might not instantly recognise their lovely wing backed chair!  It took them a while and they did see the funny side of it thank goodness!

We were supposed to have gone out tonight but the roads were like rivers - outside in the estate we could have gone kayaking - it didn't seem sensible to get Angela and Richard and Mum and Dad to come all the way up to Fitos in these conditions - and I am guessing it would have been rather cold in Fitos as our outside temperature plummeted to 8 degrees!

We hunkered down with the TV grateful that today we had no power outages.  John's choice of film which was some Stand Easy Production shoot em up affair got a draft chit before it finished - it was garbage.  My choice was Eddie Murphy in a serious role in Mr Church - a film based on a true story.  This was a delightful film even though the main woman was suffering with breast cancer which was rather too close for comfort.  It was exactly the right sort of film for a wet wet afternoon, funny, sad and ultimately uplifting.

We had saved the final episode of The Missing for an occasion such as this, snuggled down by the fire and savoured every minute - this has been an exceptional series so much better than the first and time will tell whether there will be a third.  The same cannot be said for the next series we started - The Kettering Incident - two episodes in and neither John nor I have the faintest idea what it is all about but we are sticking with it.

Had been looking forward to a Fitos meal tonight but fortunately had some curry left over - even after giving Sean a red cross food parcel - we made do with that!

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