Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Lola's birthday

We woke this morning to more torrential rain - it has surely been the wettest winter ever anywhere in the world fullstop!!!  Fortunately the sun has decided to show its face and we are in the conservatory taking advantage of the warmth because the rest of the house is like a freezer.  Charlie is well happy - he likes to be warm, Boris and Minnie are snuggled up on the bed - I know we shouldn't really encourage them to sleep there but we have covered the bed much to Minnie's disgust.  Chivers is on his roam around the estate - never far and normally within earshot.

We managed to catch Lola this morning to give her her birthday presents - she is 10 today and will be spoiled I am sure and rightly so after everything she and the rest of her family have gone through.  She was full of smiles and kisses and cuddles this morning bless her.

Over the last week or so my blog entries have been short mostly through necessity because time has been short or I have not felt like recording too much.  It has been less pressure to get something out there and so I will probably continue in this way as it had become something of a chore and it was never meant to be that way.  When the weather picks up and I get back into more of a routine I want to get back out with the camera again and that will inevitably lead to longer posts.  Bear with me...

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