Tuesday, 3 January 2017


All things being equal our days of feeding Millie are coming to an end as John and Susan are returning shortly.  Millie will be ecstatic we are sure as she is a cat who, under normal circumstances, clearly loves regular attention - bless her.  Most days her food is quite secondary as she craves a cuddle in preference.  On the worst wet days she has resolutely refused to venture outside of the cat flap and no amount of encouragement would make her change her mind.  Today was not wet but it was chilly as the thermometer on Susan's patio displayed a heady 10 degrees which is cold in anyone's language.  In fact the day was better than forecast with no rain and, down on the coast, enough sun for Jane and John to lie out for a couple of hours.  If the sunset was anything to go by then tomorrow should, with a bit of luck and a following wind, be equally good - let's hope so as the Pages holiday has been pretty disappointing on the sunshine front.

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