Thursday, 5 January 2017

Wet Wet Wet

We woke this morning to yet more rain and now the novelty is beginning to wear off - checking on our electric consumption and production over the last two months we have made less and used more than this time last year - December has been poor and generally we would expect January and February to be the worst months.  Oh well there is nothing we can do about it except grin and bear it and throw another log on the fire.

The land at bottom of the hill is waterlogged, there is a great river flowing down the concrete road and across the main road.  Where the culverts are clear the rain is running freely but in places where litter or rubbish has accumulated is spills over.  Even though we have had over 100% of the rainfall we would expect for December much of it is still to reach the reservoirs.  It will take time for the water to filter through but we have more rain forecast - in fact sun doesn't seem to feature much for the next week or so.  Poor Jane and John have been here since mid-December and have only had a couple of days' sunshine in all that time when previously they would have only expected a couple of days' rain.

There was no view of the mountains today - Lyssos was swathed in a thick fog or low cloud - yesterday they were as clear as a bell.  Cyprus looks and feels grim when it is like this.  So many places are closed for the season, some have closed permanently and some are in need of some TLC but this cannot be done until the buildings dry out and this is not likely to be for a couple of months.

It was a horrible day for the electricity board to be working and to be working at height but they were replacing or adding telegraph poles to the electricity supply around John and Susan's and so our route from their house was barred when we went to feed Millie-Mou.

It being a wet cold and miserable day meant she resolutely refused to leave the comfort of her bed in the comfort of the gym and who can blame her.  We have breathed a sigh of relief that she has been around every day that we have been feeding her - in previous times she has gone walkabout for a few days and left us beside ourselves with worry.  One day to go and we hand her care back to her owners - tick in the box and job done hopefully.

Surprise surprise we could see that the sun was shining down towards the coast and when we went down to supermarket it was considerably warmer but the weather was coming from the direction of Droushia so it would only be a matter of time before Polis got a shower.

We did have some sunshine today but the general feel was that it was chilly outside and so although I am desperate to get out and do some tidying in the garden we confined ourselves to the indoors as we are approaching 12th night and I wanted to get the Christmas decorations taken down.

The house always seems so bare after the decorations have been put away so it is with mixed feelings that I take them down.  The festive season is over - all that planning, cooking, present buying and card writing were overshadowed by events but we did our best.  Now it is a new year and a new start.  I will be glad to get back to some sort of normal routine so it was good to sit down with John and the diary to sort out our weekly menu and an appropriate shopping list - it will be good to have some evenings in snuggled up on the sofa watching the things we missed over Christmas - I have been through Mum's old TV magazines and marked them up.

Not normally a film-watcher as John and I have such different tastes and I hate going to the cinema we struggle to find something we can agree on but this afternoon we put on the gas fire, snuggled up with our blinkies and watched Bridge of Spies.  What an incredible movie about an incredible man called James B Donovan.  Watch it, you wont regret it that film deserved every accolade it received.

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