Monday, 27 March 2017

All things medical...

We were up early today because we were taking Dad to Limassol for his cataract operation.  Today, Monday 20th was to be a very important day medically for lots of friends and family and we had our fingers crossed for anyone we knew who was having a brush with a white coat today.  We also had our fingers, toes and anything else crossed that this time Dad's operation would prove more successful than his previous one.

We made good time to the Clinic, I couldn't drive as my glasses are languishing in a field somewhere and although my long sight is ok my short sight is poor and without my glasses my eyes and brain seem to be at odds with one another.  We got Dad into the clinic safe and sound and they were all ready for him, this does seem a rather more professional outfit than where he went previously but then his eye was lasered and today he is being fitted with a new lens.

After the preliminary checks we left Dad to go and grab a coffee and a cake and made our way to the nearby Debenhams where there is also a Peacocks and a Next all of which were having a sale although John thought that someone must have mixed the labels up in Peacocks with Next prices - back in the UK Peacocks is one of the cheaper shops but over here blimey it is extortionate.  It was a quick flick around those two shops before going into Debenhams and heading for the coffee shop.

Whilst we were all taking advantage of the all day offer of a cup of tea or filter coffee with muffin Dad rang to say his operation would be at 12.00 and then he would have to recuperate for about 2 hours so we were to go back for him at 2.00pm.  We didn't rush over our coffees as we had plenty of time to kill and once finished we went to have a look around the clothes items and John managed to get some really nice casual trousers - thanks Mum for his early birthday present even though we now realise you have already given him his birthday present!!!!

When we had exhausted all the delights of Debenhams we went off in search of somewhere to get a sandwich made for Dad because Mum knew he would be starving once he was released by the hospital.  This is not as easy as you might think particularly as this area of Limassol is totally unfamiliar to us.  There are probably loads of great places to get a sandwich if you are in the know!!!

We had got dressed early this morning in the chill of a Droushia morning and were now getting rather hot in Limassol where the temperatures are infinitely higher - I so looked like a hick from the sticks!!!!!  We passed some rather trendy boutiques with rather trendy mannequins but didn't venture in - no prices displayed normally equates to unaffordable prices!!

I had noticed a very small very traditional looking grill house opposite Debenhams which is where we ended up for lunch in amongst the ecclesiastical lamps with roofs made from pasta!!!!  This was called the Brighton Rock cafe and was run by a London Cypriot and was where we were able to get a sandwich made for Dad.

Dad appeared at 2.00pm and was allowed to go home - we have to take him back for a check up in two weeks and have to be there for 9.00am which will mean a really early start that day!  Apparently the surgeon said everything had gone well and so now it will only be a matter of time to see.

We dropped Mum and Dad off and felt reasonably happy that this time things had gone as well as could be expected.  I rushed round to the opticians to order a replacement pair of glasses taking John with me to help me chose a new pair and to persuade him that he should have his eyes tested at the same time which he did and his long sight is fine but at some point in the future he is going to need glasses for reading.

I eventually found some frames that we all seemed to agree on.  My Optician keeps telling me that the frames I had were old fashioned and nowadays the trend is for bigger frames but I had those years ago and didn't like them then so we settled on a compromise which I hope I wont regret!!!

The new glasses wont be ready until Friday so I will have to struggle on until then - I think that is the longest I have been without glasses for ages.  I am so peed off because in 53 years I have never lost or broken a pair of specs.

So we got home in one piece and were greeted by four ravenous felines who weren't in the least bit interested as to why we had been out all day they just wanted their little tummies filled and quickly!!!

Once again belly dancing was cancelled which was a shame as Diana and I do enjoy the exercise but to cheer ourselves up (like we needed it) we decided to go eat at Fitos.  I have to say that the last time we went together it was just after Fitos had reopened after its Winter break and we didn't have the best of meals that night.  Tonight however was possibly the best meal I have ever had there.  We had all sorts of dishes brought to the table before and after we were served our main meals including ironically some fresh wild asparagus (but no glasses with them).  On the specials list there were some new additions including beef stroganoff which I chose and it was absolutely fabulous.  Our meal was rounded off with cake and coffee and brandies and a very small bill so we were all really pleased.

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