Monday, 13 March 2017


Another early start today - we know exactly what 6.00am looks like as this has become our standard waking hour and John is keen to get up and get on with the project whilst I am out of the house at Art with Sheila and Klaus - he said I was a useless Part 4 anyway so apparently I will be no great loss!!!  Cheers Ears!!!

I left him to it, having ensured that there was a pot of lunch ready for him to microwave although I knew that it would probably still be there when I got back from Sheila's because once he gets going then he doesn't like to stop.

It was a fabulous morning - warm sunshine and clear skies full of birdsong from birds which you would recognise!!!  The fields are full of wild flowers and the orchids are everywhere.  The island is looking beautiful and we are very lucky indeed!!

I enjoy my walk down to Sheila's - today I didn't go through the village but cut down past where the Val's live and practiced my Greek on Mrs Clampett as she moved the dust back and forward outside the gap where I think she should have a front door - she is always cheeful and always speaks - we saw her in Paps yesterday and she greeted us with a beaming smile - I really must find out her name and stop referring to her as Mrs Clampett!!

As I stopped to take a photograph of the bay Philippos went by in his green truck - he wasn't driving - I think it was his older son - strange as that is now twice that we have seen him but he wasn't behind the wheel I hope that doesn't mean there is something wrong as he is such a nice man.   We shall be frequenting his taverna again on Thursday when we go for something to eat before going to see Alice sing.

After a break of a couple of weeks for Green Monday it was good to get back to my colouring!!! In the meantime Sheila has completed her picture of the owl and is now on a new picture.  I am still working on my bowl of flowers, mainly peonies which I am enjoying although it does make me go a bit cross-eyed if I don't take a break.

Whilst I have been away Sheila and Klaus have been getting very adventurous with their gourd creations - having made a cat the other week they have now turned their hands to creating a dog and a dog which looks very much like their own dog Charlie - Sheila had barely taken the cat to the gallery in Polis before it was sold - if they do not keep this dog I am guessing it will fly off the shelves too!!!

This was my view on the walk home - you can clearly see the mountains in Turkey on the horizon in the distance - it is stunning and I love it and I never want to take it for granted.  Sally Allan you said you couldn't imagine it ever looking green well it does!!

When I got back home I was right - the food was still sitting on the work surface untouched and John was taking a look at the items which we had purchased and how they were going to fit.  He has an issue with the plumbing for the sink and we have decided that the old light fitting has to go and we will replace it with one the same as we have in the other bathroom if Dimco can get us one which they have assured us they can even though it no longer features on their website.

The walls have been filled and sanded ready for painting, the tiles are going to be laser cut if possible to save John's sanity and to make sure they have a clean crisp cut.  We have found that we purchased paint sometime ago when it was on offer in Glykkis so we know what colour the walls are going to be.  We still need to make a decision on the door hinges as they tarnish and leave orange marks on the adjoining wall - John did get brass ones previously but they seemed to stop making them which is a pity.

Who would have thought that one tiny little room would need so much preparation?  But as Elena would have told me - remember the 7 Ps - Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance!!!

Back to belly dancing tonight again we had a break for Green Monday last week so it was going to be a nightmare trying to remember the routine but a good laugh was had by all as we were joined by newbies Lynda from the village and her friend Denise who used to live in Droushia but now lives in Arodes.

Our reward this evening was to pick up a cooked chicken from the Prodromi Tavern along with some orzo and eat it at the Veasey's where John had walked down to meet up with Rob.  It was the opportunity to sample the special bottle of beer which Mum had got for John for Christmas - the two boys said it was the perfect accompaniment to the chicken but at around 7% was a bit stronger than they usually plump for.

We haven't had a chicken from Prodromi for years and I can't for the life of me think why not as we all agreed it was absolutely delicious - perfectly cooked, lovely and moist, stayed hot in the bag and went perfectly with the salad Rob had prepared.  At €10 for a chicken I can't be bothered to get the oven dirty!!!

So big thanks to Di and Rob for letting us gatecrash their Monday evening - and Di the Chelsea buns were fab so I will have to have a go at making some of them at some point.

Back home John was knackered but he couldn't go to bed without Boris giving him a cuddle - what makes you think Boo Boo loves his Dad - just look at that face!!!!!

I am guessing it is going to be another early start tomorrow as the weather forecast is good so the sun will be up early and therefore the cats!!!

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