Friday, 31 March 2017

Back to normal...

After all the excitement of yesterday we are back to a normal Friday.  It was a fine bright spring day - the clocks change tomorrow and it will officially be Spring although I think that the Cypriots tend to treat March as the beginning of the new season.  The beautiful weather energises us and we are starting to rid our home of the signs of winter and the big clear up begins inside and out.  The barbeque area got a sweep out this morning as the recent hail storm took its toll on the fascia which now looks like it has been shot.  We had to remove Chivers first though, he had found a spot to shelter from the sun - either that or he (and Charlie) wanted to know when we were going to have a barbeque.

The conservatory is now hotting up with so much sunshine around and it was time to give the throws a wash - on a day like today washing is a joy as things are only on the line for a short while before they are dry.  I am keen to give the conservatory a bit of attention this year and want to add some more greenery which will cope with the extremes of temperature that we have in that room.

The ficus that Aunty Joyce and Uncle David gave us still survives but is going through its annual shed so is looking far from its best.  In the opposite corner we have a peace lily which has struggled but is now showing signs of having come to terms with its environment and providing it gets plenty of water when it is hot it is ok.

When we look back on all the things which we have done to this house the conservatory was by far the best money we spent and the thing which has probably given us the most return on our investment as it is a space which we utilise time and time again.  At this time of year the cats love the warmth and we generally find two or three of them chilling out in there when we return home having been out.

Today we were off down to Emba for pickleball and badminton.  Diana was going separately and meeting us at pickleball as she and Rob had errands to run beforehand.  We generally bump into them when we are on way down!!

Today we had a few things to do ourselves so we set off in plenty of time to visit the various shops on our list and some which were not and having completed everything we needed to do had time to kill so we quickly went into the old Town so I could get my replacement pair of glasses.

I have my Deirdre's which apparently are the 'in' shape - the optician is pleased because he says they are much more fashionable than the pair I lost.  I am not so sure - I had a pair like this in my early 20s and for about the last 10 years I have had some small rectangular frames which I have got so used to that these new ones look huge.  Still the lenses are fab they felt comfortable from the moment I put them on and I can see!!!  This is good and will be even better when it comes to playing pickleball which I did on Tuesday without my glasses - my short sight is poor at the best of times but without my specs is dire to say the least!

We had a good hard session at pickleball, made harder by the fact that we only had five players all of whom are competitive although some more than others I would hasten to add!!!

Mum and I did a quick whip around Jumbos after our games as I had a few things I needed to get then we returned home for a cuppa with Dad and Fred.  I am very pleased to report that Dad thinks his eye is better than it was before the operation which is really good news - it is still a bit sore and the eye drops mum administers don't help but it is still very early days.  

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