Friday, 17 March 2017

Birthday over

We had a really good evening for my birthday - I know because I was there and I know because I had rather a dry mouth when I woke this morning and rather a fuzzy head - that will be the red wine then!

The cats of course don't care what occurred last night - that has no bearing on their feeding habits and so Minnie was bouncing on my baggy head at around 6.00am and Charlie had cottoned on to the fact that we had guests so his mission this morning, from which he would not be deviated, was to gain access to the guest bedroom.  I could hear him pinging the underside of the bedroom door with his claws and making that weird noise that he makes when he is faced with a closed door through which he requires access.  No amount of cajoling would get him to stop so I got up and fed them all and then retreated back to the comfort of my bed.

It was a slow start for us all this morning - we got up, had a bit of toast and coffee, had a bit of a chat and then Wendy and Bill made their way back to Pissouri via Mesa Chorio so they could check out of the location of the Magic Garden as somewhere to take Bill's Mum and Aunty when they come visit in the next couple of weeks.

I could drive you there but giving instructions is a completely different kettle of fish so I was pleased when they text to say they had found it and pleased that they thought it was a definite venue for their visitors - always nice to go somewhere on recommendation and we have never been disappointed when we have eaten there.

I was glad that I perked up before pickleball because Friday is normally a hard session so no good if y you are feeling in the slightest wimpy!!!  We realised as we were driving down to Paphos that we were only a couple of cars behind Di and Rob who were kindly going to get the new light fitting we had ordered for the toilet along with their own new lights.

We had our fair share of errands to run with a visit to the Marble place where we got our work surfaces from - they are cutting the tiles that we are putting on the back wall of the toilet.  We had been looking for somewhere that might do this because it was going to be a job and a half for John and this is going to be a once and one time only decorate (hopefully) so we want to do it and do it right.  The tiles will be ready to be picked up on our return home this afternoon - I am very excited - all the elements of the project are finally coming together.

There is a new DIY shop opened on the Mesoghi Avenue and John has been trying to find the answer to the waste in the new sink as we have very limited space and so he needs a bottle trap rather than a swan neck (I think!!!!) anyway he was quite impressed with this place, new, clean, tidy and with a guy who used to be at One Stop DIY and who speaks excellent English and understands what you are looking for!!!

Not much else to report on for the day except to say a big thank you to Bobby for buying Mum and I our after PB cuppa and sticky.

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