Thursday, 23 March 2017

D-Day part 2....

I am surprised I am around to type this blog - John has been sooooooo bloody stressed today with the toilet project that bear and sore head doesn't come anywhere close!!!!

I was treating myself today - I had an appointment at Beauty by Kate in Polis for a little bit of me time - a facial for my poor old skin!  John was doing the shopping and getting some DIY bits for the project whilst I was cocooning myself in a bit of peace and quiet.

Kate's salon is an oasis of calm in an otherwise tense and tetchy environment and I would visit more often if I could afford to do so but I have to satisfy myself with a treatment about every six weeks or so.  Not having been blessed with good skin, having had terrible acne from about the age of 11 I never considered skin care to be important and how I rue that decision - my skin has been ravaged by sebum, sun and seniority!!!

Today I realised that fashions just turn full circle as I was treated to a black mask which is all the rage at the moment, when I asked what made it black Kate told me that the basis of the mask was Fullers' Earth and in my early teens I remember making my own face masks using Fullers' Earth although today the mask had a flexible quality so it could be peeled off and the crap it removed viewed sticking to the surface - nice!!!!

I thought when I was a youngster that I would be tall, and have lovely thick hair and clear, clear skin - I was clearly deluded as I am or have none of the above.

Whilst waiting for me John sat in the cafe which is attached to the old Fish Market and saw that they were selling freshly prepared Pecans which is one of our favourites.  A huge bag cost €10 and we couldn't resist - I dont expect they will reside in the cupboard for long but oh how we will enjoy eating them whilst they are fresh and juicy.

Once home and armed with a new diamond tipped cutting disk John cracked on with the tiling in the bathroom and there wasn't much I could do to help except to stay close at hand in case I was needed to do something even if it were only to make a coffee.

I found out the teak oil and gave the kitchen cupboards a good feed and polish and they looked ab-fab afterwards.   I did it properly this time using a toothbrush to get into all the little grooves - John had to admit I had done a good job so I must have done an outstanding job as his praise is very hard to come by!!

The tiling went ok - not 100% to John's satisfacation but then nothing ever is and the toilet appeared to go in ok but we did have a bit of a water leak afterwards but we think that was from the cistern bit and not the actual toilet.

I tidied up the walls - where John has needed to take the door off of its hinges and put it outside for easier access there were some marks on the wall and he had done such a good job painting them it was a shame not to just touch them up.

So the job is about 90% complete - we have the wooden edges to replace which sit on the top of the wood panels and we have the door to sand down and the door frame to repair at the bottom and then the frame needs to be repainted - we also need to find a suitable soap dispenser and I have my eye on one of the old fashioned tipping types but they are very difficult to find at a price we want to pay but it seems a shame to spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar so they say!!!  I found the one I wanted but it wasn't available to be delivered over here so I will send it to John's mum and at some point it will find it's way over here.  I am so pleased with the way this has turned out - I daren't tell John but it is better than I had expected and it all looks nice and clean.  I love the tiles at the back and now that we have a nice small neat toilet there seems to be more space.

OK so this is what satisfaction looks like - at the end of a hard day a bottle of beer was the reward and John said it was a very nice bottle of beer too.  Add to that a nice slow cooked pork casserole with jacket potatoes and hot coleslaw and that is how our day was completed.

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