Friday, 10 March 2017

Good byeeee, don't cryeeeee...

with apologies for the quality of the photographs but they were taken on my phone facing into the sunshine!!!

Today we set off early to go down to Paphos because we wanted to say goodbye to Helen and Pete who were returning home after a week in what turned out to be very pleasant sunshine.  They found a bargain at the Pioneer Beach and they absolutely loved the hotel - it was just a shame that they weren't there to listen to our lovely friend Louise Vreony sing - we have seen that she is there at the weekend so they will miss her.

I have to say that the Pioneer Beach did look a lovely hotel and the fact that it is adult only means that if you want to relax without the sound of other people's children ringing in your ears you can!  I don't mind kids but I couldn't eat a whole one!! and, swimming pools and children seem to result in screaming and shouting so a holiday without them for us was always a bonus.

Anyway the Garvey's were in reception when we arrived and we managed to sit down and have a coffee with them before we had to dash across town to make it to pickleball.  I would say that apart from Helen's hair colour she really hasn't changed a bit since we were 16 year old Saturday girls in Boots sporting our very fetching pink and blue overalls!

We hope it won't be another 6 years before we see them again but they are active hands-on grandparents and busy retirees so appreciate that they have plenty of other things to occupy their time.  However should either one of us or both of us return to the UK to Somerset we will certainly take them up on the offer of a bed for the night in their lovely home.

We said our goodbye's and dashed across to Emba in plenty of time to ring Marios to deactivate the alarm on the building.  Sometimes he is there working when we arrive but not today although he arrived pretty soon afterwards.  Our pickleball court is marked out on one of his dance floors although he seems to use the room next door more often as it has a full length wall to wall floor to ceiling mirror for the little lovelies to watch themselves perform Syrtos or Zorba the Greek or something similar!

We had a full house of six today with Liselotte and John both available and Diana joining Mum, John and me.  It was hard work but it was enjoyable and a good work out with laughs and banter accompanying some pretty serious bat and ball play and as we had arrived a little early we ended up having a good two hours session which left me feeling knackered - I have no idea how John and Liselotte then go on and play a couple (if not more) hours of badminton afterwards - they are mad!!!

Diana drove herself today as we had left so early and as Roberto had the pin removed from his finger yesterday she was probably keen to get back and make sure he was ok so we said our goodbyes and Mum and I set off to find the new Beauty Shop which has been opened by the people who used to have the EuroShop on the Mesoghi Avenue.

I have missed that shop for the toiletries, cosmetics and chocolate that they used to sell - all good quality and all at discounted prices so I had high hopes of this new store which is located near the Evangelismos Hospital.

I was well impressed with this light, airy and well stocked shop and Mum and I wandered round having a good look at what they had on offer.  Unlike the previous shop the prices are not confined to items with a €1 or €2 price tag but what is in there is very reasonably priced and lots of well known branded makes - they had a whole load of BedHead products which I used to buy when I was in the UK and most importantly bads of Thornton's toffee which rivals those from Marks and Spencer which Rob brought us the other month!!!!  I stocked up with some chocolate for John and some hair products for me which will hopefully give my hair a bit of sadly lacking body.  With my birthday fast approaching I am beginning to feel my age and even worse look it at times!

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