Saturday, 18 March 2017

Late birthday celebration for the boys...

A miserable day up here in Droushia and across most of the island it would seem - the coptic storm is doing its stuff and if nothing else the rain should clear the sand in the atmosphere.  Had we not been going out tonight we would probably have just slobbed out all day!!!!

Like the Queen I was having a belated birthday celebration with Mum and Dad and Jackie and Costas from Tea for Two and it was also a belated celebration for Dad and John as my sister Kaye had sent some money for them for a meal and we had saved it for when we went somewhere special.  Tonight was the night as we were going to try out the new Chinese which is on the dual carriageway going down towards Debenhams.

Anyway with crappy weather we spent the day indoors doing some bits and pieces around the house.  I have found a home for my new traditional rug in the conservatory - it is really pretty and I am chuffed that Marina and Philippos chose it for me.

It was so wet, wild and windy that John decided not to get soaking wet at the football as we would be going out very shortly afterwards - apparently from the sounds of it (John Read went and text the score) he missed a corking 3-3 draw - which is just his luck as normally he sits through and suffers a nil nil draw or worse a defeat!!!

We got the tiles out and had a look at them.  Some of them needed the white cut markings removed  - on the whole I think John is pretty pleased with how they have turned out as it was clearly not an easy job to get them cut and it will have saved John a lot of time, effort and angst.  Unfortunately one of the tiles got forgotten from the list but John thinks he will be able to do that one himself.

We lit the fire as we were going to be in for the majority of the day - thank goodness John has sorted out the woodstore so that we have good dry burnable wood to hand - we had thought we would have packed the fire away by now but on days like today it is just so lovely to snuggle up in the warm!!!!

We got to watch the final episode of Making a Murderer - it has got us wanting to find out more about the family involved - whatever the truth is that series really got you thinking about the legal system which should be there to protect you but clearly doesn't always.  I know that the series makers will have made it with a viewpoint in mind and it probably wasn't balanced in order to make for good viewing but boy oh boy it was an eye-opener.

When we came to leave for Paphos it was still wet and windy and wild and it was miserable although actually not as cold as it looked.  It is only March and the reservoirs are still pretty empty so I guess we really still need as much rain as we can get before we go months without.

Our meal tonight was at the Ancient City in Paphos - this is a huge restaurant and we were one of only three tables occupied tonight.  This is a new restaurant and looks and feels a bit formulaic - just calling it Ancient City doesn't actually give it any atmosphere and the size and emptiness doesn't give it atmosphere either.  The food was very nice although I thought it was a shame that they didn't have a specific menu for the evening - we were given a menu where about a third of the items were marked as being available in the evening so we had to look at what we could have eaten had we come at a different time although I thought they only did buffet at lunchtime so maybe those other items are never available.  The service was lacking though as the man and woman there (presumably Cypriot) seemed a bit disorganised - it would have been nice to have had someone Chinese serving us and although I don't want someone fawning all over me whilst I am eating it would have been nice to have had a little more attention.  The food came out meze-style which meant that Mum's meal came out right at the end and whilst the rest of us were happy to share the other dishes as and when they arrived she had to the end to really eat something she wanted.  We were joined by our old friends Jackie and Costas and we always have a good night when we go out with them so that more than made up for anything else that was lacking.

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