Sunday, 12 March 2017

Not looking good...

When I wake in the morning it is like waking to a scene being reenacted from Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds only with cats - me as a rather disheveled Tippi Hedren (not) and two, three or even four pairs of feline eyes drilling into me waiting to be fed...

It is about 6.00am BWT (bladder wee time) so if the cats don't wake me the waterworks do and I can confirm that here in Cyprus the sun is currently rising at about 6.15am - I know because I saw it today and it was beautiful as the rays began to creep through the slats of the fencing...

We were home for most of the day - going to Mum and Dad's in the evening and today we were embarking on the toilet project and garden tidy so planned to shower before we went out - it was a decision I immediately regretted when the doorbell went this morning and I had to answer looking like something from the Wreck of the Hesperus to be greeted by John and Susan bearing a birthday card - damn I looked every inch of my upcoming 57 years and maybe even a few extra!

John began stripping out the toilet - I can't really help as there is so little space he is struggling in there so with two it would be impossible - apparently I am there as his Part 4 to tidy up for him but with the attention span of a goldfish I wander off  - much to his annoyance and tackle something which I find much more interesting like a spot of gardening and so now one of the woody lavenders in the front garden has been given a severe haircut although now  I think it might struggle to come back green - if that is the case then it is getting a draft chit and will be removed and replaced - it has been in there quite a while and sometimes it is just good to replace things as they get old.

I eventually wander back to my Part 4 station - am handed dustpan and brush and fulfil my obligations - I tidy up and John seeks the sanctuary of the shower away from all the dust!!!

Before going to Mum and Dad's we shoot off to Paps to replenish the cupboards and I took this photograph to show you just how busy Polis Paps is on a Sunday afternoon - I don't normally shop on a Sunday - although I used to shop on a Sunday in the UK!  It was bliss this afternoon though - no queues, shelves stocked and helpful unstressed staff!!!

As we arrived at Mum and Dad's the sun was beginning to lower in the sky and mark the end of a glorious day.  We had a lovely evening - a sort of early birthday tea as we will not be seeing Mum and Dad on my actual birthday - instead we are going to the new Chinese together with Jackie and Costas as a special treat.  In fact almost joint birthdays as Jackie's was only the other week when we were due to catch up and she had to fly back to the UK as her dad was poorly.

Anyway a great meal from Mum - lamb tenderloin which we have told her she can cook again any time!!!  We came home with half the apple pie she had bought from Paps - John isn't complaining!!!

It was not a late night for which we were grateful having been up since 6.30 and busy in and around the house - John is now keen to get on with the toilet but I just know it isn't going to be a straightforward as we would hope because nothing is ever square and there is always some unforeseen issue that we encounter - still at least if it doesn't go right this time there is no-one else to blame!!

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