Monday, 17 April 2017

Another catch up post...

Our plans for the day went slightly awry as we had to stay in for a morning delivery and then had a phone call from the delivery guy to apologise that he was running late and I needed to get to the bank before it closed so whereas John and I had planned to go together and then pop across to see Mina who is recovering from losing the tip of her finger, I had to go on my own.  In a hurry I was quite surprised to encounter a full on traffic jam comprising a tractor and a tourist - this never happens in Droushia and certainly should never happen when I am in a hurry!!!

I stopped off at the post office to see if I had any post - we are expecting a couple of parcels which may come to the village post office or may have to be collected from the main branch we can never be sure.  I checked through the box and the letters sitting around the box but there was nothing for us - as I went to leave Phillipos presented me with what looked like a decomposing bit of finger but which turned out to be a piece of dessicated banana which was absolutely delicious and bursting with flavour -  Phillipos proudly showed me 'the machine' which he had bought for the purpose - looked to me like the ones they sell in Lakeland and which have a good right up - I will be interested to see and taste other fruits which he treats in this way.

I did my chores and was given the task of selecting a special wine to take to the Veasey's this evening as we were going to be treated to a curry night.  John would have preferred to have fulfilled this particular task but he wasn't there so couldn't and he was a bit suspicious of my choice when I came back with a Chilean wine made form a grape with which we were unfamiliar - this is because I couldn't remember whether he preferred a Merlot or a Cabernet Sauvignon so I plumped for the Carmenere.  I can confirm that this was an inspired choice because when Diana and I had it later we said it was so smooth and fruity it was like drinking Ribena!!!!  This is one to be savoured and we will definitely be looking out for this one when it is on offer again!!!!

I returned home with the shopping and sod's law the bloody delivery men were still to arrive so John could have come with me but if that had been the case we would probably not have had that lovely bottle of Frontera to drink later as he would have chosen something different because we rarely agree on anything!!  So his loss was Diana and my gain!!!

The delivery men came shortly after I returned home and we now have some nice new furniture on the decked area at the front of the house - we don't get the best use out of this area so I am hoping the the nice high backed chairs will be comfortable enough for Dad to snooze in and it will be where I will serve coffee as the lower table lends itself to that.

 I would quite like to find an old butlers tray on legs or failing that a nice wooden breakfast tray.  Once the coptics are over and the gazebo is put up (this one also has corner curtains) hopefully we will use it a bit more.

We walked down to the bottom of the estate to meet up with Robert who was picking us up as I had pudding to take with me - I had made an orange pecan bread pudding as we had all those ingredients in the house and we hoped that if it turned out ok it would be one to reproduce for when Mum and Dad next are here for Sunday Lunch.  BigFoot and her foal are in the field - they look pretty well but the foal has slipped its tether and runs all over the road like a mad thing - it will be lucky not to get knocked over in the dark.

We had a fabulous evening - the food, wine, company and music were outstanding.  Rob always keeps us entertained with his library of vinyl and cd's - he is always worried that we will get bored but it is great to hear old favourites and new songs and to tax the old grey matter when we try and guess names of songs or groups or the year in which something was recorded.  

We walked home narrowly avoiding a close encounter with Little Foot!!

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