Monday, 3 April 2017


After the glorious day yesterday for Mothering Sunday today was chilly and at times looked like it might rain although it didn't - the wind was sharp and cold but when you are in the conservatory this is not apparent and you dress accordingly which meant that I really didn't have on enough layers when I walked down to Sheila and Klaus's for art!!!  We still have company in the field next door and the horses seem to have settled down so we don't really hear them now - this has pleased the cats as they were just a little bit troubled by these huge beasts lurking over the wall.

Savvas's Bird of Paradise plant is in bloom - damn, I had high hopes of my plant this year - now in its 6th year in the garden it survived the winter better than it has ever done and rather than look like it has gone 12 rounds with a flame thrower it has about 10 reasonably healthy leaves but no flower and no sign of a flower - apparently lack of light can cause a garden planted plant not to bloom but I can't believe that looking at the conditions in which Savvas's grow and thrive.  A couple of years ago I moved my Agapanthus plant because that didn't bloom and I thought it was lacking light and it hasn't fared any better - I think I am destined not to have either of these plants in the garden even though they seem to grow elsewhere and with very little encouragement.

I bumped into Susan this morning on her regular morning bike ride although I think her route today was slightly different as I haven't passed her at this point previously - Susan's regular morning bike ride would be other people's challenge - she covers vast distances with ease.

We stopped and had a chat, her husband John is currently back in the UK settling his mum into a home and apparently all is going well even which is good news.  We have invited Susan for tea on Wednesday as she isn't always overly keen on being on her own.

We are currently enjoying living in a very green and pleasant land - the yellow of the rape or mustard will soon be interspersed with the bright red of the wild poppies - John's favourites - certainly down the hill in areas where it is warmer the poppies have begun to arrive.

It is a brilliant time of the year and great for visitors if the weather is settled - not too hot to go out and explore the countryside at its best.  We are busy organising our next Drouseian Day out and at the weekend we are going to enjoy WLB (work life balance) time with Lou and H down at Latchi - we plan a picnic on the beach and if it is warm enough we may even venture into the sea if only as far as our ankles!!!  It all seems like a good idea - early swim, but in reality it just might be a step too far.

It was nice to be back at Art - as we were taking Dad to Limassol for his operation last week so had to miss it.  I am lost in a myriad of petals at the moment and therefore ever so grateful that I have glasses to help me see!!!

Whilst I was not aware of excessive chatting between Sheila and me my progress today looked to be very limited indeed!  Sheila is currently working on a picture of a big bull elephant - I know it is a bull because during the course of the morning Sheila was heard to exclaim "I don't think I am very good at elephant's penises" things you never expect to hear when you are having a genteel morning at art!!!  We then got involved in a debate as to whether said penis should be disguised as just a fold of elephant hide - I can't remember what was decided but if you hop on over to Sheila's blog she may well enlighten us in due course although if you keep up to date with it you will know that she has more important things occupying her mind and time at the moment - that being the case she may well have found the conundrum of the elephant penis a welcome distraction.

I walked home and found John busy sorting out wood - in fact he had been sorting out wood all morning and hadn't stopped for lunch so I went in and rustled him up a sarnie to keep him going.

Over the years we have accumulated all sorts of bits and pieces of timber from pallets to driftwood and it has been put in a pile to dry out.  John spent the morning cutting it all into manageable woodburner sized pieces and whilst we don't anticipate burning for much longer he sorted out some bits for Wednesday night when Susan is coming round should it be chilly.

It would be good to be able to recognise what some of the wood is because once cut it has a beautiful look and feel - I am guessing Bassam would be able to enlighten us.

John also sorted out some building wood for Rob as there is project at the Veaseys for which it could be used.  We called round to interrupt their afternoon and have a cuppa with them.  Di and I enjoying some late afternoon sunshine - it had taken a while but eventually the sun had burst through.

Di and I caught up again later for our regular belly dancing session which took place this evening although there were only three of us dancing - Sofi didn't seem to mind, she seemed happy to have us back after a couple of weeks without.  We are going to ache in the morning - bet our third attendee Denise will be chuffed to bits - it is her birthday tomorrow!!

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  1. Thank you Jill, made me chuckle all over again about it.