Sunday, 2 April 2017

Mother's Day...

Today is Mother's Day or Mothering Sunday as I would have known it as a child before it became commercialised and we had the advent of Father's Day and Teacher's Day etc, etc.  Last night the clocks changed and we put them forward to welcome Spring, longer days and lighter evenings.  This meant we had an hour less in bed which cut no ice with the cats who bounced around even earlier than normal - Charlie and Minnie were unceremoniously turfed out at around 5.00am (4.00am in old money) so that we could get some peace.

When we did get up which wasn't an awful lot later to be fair it was the most glorious day which was good news as we were planning to eat outside for lunch at the Magic Garden in Mesa Chorio.  Mum's choice and a good one.

The horses have been moved and are still in the same field next door but now in front of us rather than to the side and there are just the original two that were moved there yesterday before they were joined by two others.

The cats can sense there is something strange the other side of the wall and Charlie keeps growling when they move, the goats will get a bit of a shock if they are brought up this way to graze as they normally charge through this field at will.  They will run the risk of getting a hoof up their backside if they aren't careful as the mother seems very protective of the foal.

We had sent John's mum flowers and chocolates using Bunches and, having been sent a photograph of the flowers that Sally Allan received we were fairly confident that Janet's 'sunshine' bouquet would be as nice as it looked in the picture.  She had already received it safe and sound and when I ordered I took the opportunity to 'double up' on some of the blooms so hopefully it will look something like the picture which they use to advertise them.  I know flowers and chocolates aren't very original but it is difficult when you are so far away and relying on the internet.

We had got my mum some costume jewelry which we hope she will like - she is really good at colour coordinating her accessories with her outfits and has an advantage over me in that she can wear any type of earrings whereas I have to stick to silver but preferably gold otherwise my ears go manky.

As we went to leave for lunch we found a bag of eggs hanging on the gate.  No-one had rung the bell to our knowledge but then it had gone off on its own the other day so maybe the battery had given up so we didn't know who they were from - we thought they may have come from Savvas the tyre man but we haven't bought any recently and we usually get some after we have - it was a bit of a mystery really until Sean our neighbour text to say they were from him.  He is currently on his own as Sharon has returned to the UK for a few days incorporating Mother's Day so I thanked him and invited him round for a cuppa on our return so that we could say thank you properly.

It was a glorious run down to Mesa Chorio - bright bright sunshine all the way and knowing that the Magic Garden is sheltered we were sure to be able to sit outside to eat.  The garden there is so beautiful it is the best place to be even though the little indoor seating area is charming.  We were introduced to this restaurant by Sheila and Klaus, for which we are extremely grateful because it has a charm all of its own and although we want it to survive we like the fact that it is never overly busy.  It is situated down a charming little backstreet in a domestic house, if you didn't know you might never find it.

Number 5 whatever the street is has a fairly unassuming entrance which opens out through a beautiful stone archway into the most amazing and surprising venue.

 Michael and his wife conjure up the most amazing meals from nothing more than a domestic kitchen.  There is a full menu and then Michael comes to tell you about the extras that they have on offer, generally two or three more choices added to the already extensive list of starters and main courses - all very reasonably priced and all cooked fresh.  They have plenty of choice when it comes to wines and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and the atmosphere is intimate and friendly.

As we walked into the garden today Mum and Dad were already there, settled on a sunny table enjoying the surroundings.

Mum looked very glamorous in a lovely grey and black dress with a very pretty grey cardigan to go with it.  She liked her jewelry but think she enjoyed the box of fresh pecan nuts even more!!!

We all chose something different for our starters - John went for spare ribs, Mum opted for a meatball soup, I had deep fried camembert with a fruit compote and Dad thoroughly enjoyed his two filo wrapped feta parcels which he said was almost big enough for him to have as a main course.

For our mains John had stifado, Mum had duck in an orange sauce, Dad had Chicken cooked with pineapple and I had the steak and kidney pie which I had been dreaming of since I knew we were going to be eating there.  Our main meals were served with hand cut chips and carrots prepared with butter and cumin seeds.

Dad had the meringue pudding and I had a creme brulee and then we finished our meals with a coffee.

Another group of four people came a little after us and then two people who we knew (Maureen and Johnathon, friends of Elaine) came later.  We had taken with us a pack of cards so played our regular game of noms sat at the table.  It was lovely although when the sun began to slip down below the buildings it became rather cool, a little too cool for Dad I think.

Good news Dad's eye is improving daily and today he said he was happy with the operation so far which is good.  I think Mum enjoyed her day - we certainly did.

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