Wednesday, 19 April 2017

WLB - work life balance... A CATCH-UP POST

Today was one of our regular work life balance days which we spend with Lou and H to ensure that they get at least one day a month free from dogging (or rather dog grooming!!).  I can't be certain whether or not Lou had squeezed in an appointment or two this morning but we were not due to meet until 12.00 down at the beach in Latchi.  The weather forecast had been poor with showers forecast so we weren't entirely sure that a day at the seaside was going to be altogether pleasant so we decided to pack for all conditions!  The start was not good as we had a bloody puncture on Kenny to deal with - John wanted to get it changed out for the spare even though having seen it we had decided to go down to Latch in the Purge.

It was an opportunity for me to give my picnic basket an outing - we forgot we had it and haven't taken it out previously.  I am not altogether sure the handle is going to last too long if we put too much inside but we wanted to make sure we had enough to eat and drink!!!

There is a tray that fits inside which houses the glasses and the pepper and salt which leaves a fair space underneath to put your consumables.  Today we were having lounza and cheddar cheese sandwiches, some home-made banana bread (with a couple of slices for Lou and H) some crisps, an apple and lion bar each and I was going to drive so there were a couple of Becks Blue tucked in for good measure.

We got ourselves sorted and drove down to the coast, the weather in Droushia was brightish but the clouds were beginning to mass overhead and as we drove down towards Prodromi it looked very black over towards Lyssos to the right and Neo Chorio to the left.  We didn't think that we would end up being on the beach for very long at this rate.

Lou and H were there when we arrived and had earmarked a great spot for us to set up camp.  By the coastal path there is a boat which has been put there as decoration and on the land side we could set and be sheltered from any cold winds coming off of the sea.

It was an inspired choice because it was beautifully sheltered and although we could see clouds coming from all directions somehow the sea managed to fend them off so apart from a short time when the sun was obscured the rest of the day it was sunny and warm.

John was determined to go into the sea - mad person that he is - Lou and I got as far as paddling and decided that after last night's storm the water was more than a little bracing - in fact I reckon it was colder than our pool and that is saying something!!!

John bit the bullet and just ran in without stopping - he said that it wasn't actually too bad and that he would have stayed in longer had someone else been in there with him.  I have to say that the sea looked very inviting as it was the most fabulous colour and of course there was no other mad bugger in there at that point although periodically you would see some other lunatic trying it out - still many years ago John was brave enough to be the first person to swim in Mum and Dad's pool at the house they built in Emba - it was a couple of days' before Christmas and the pool had only just been filled so it must have been only just above freezing - having managed that then today must have been a doddle.

During the course of what was a very pleasant and relaxing afternoon John reunited a phone with its owner.  Said phone was in a case that also contained an Alpha Bank card, Coffee Shop loyalty card and a pass card for the local Akamanthea complex so John drove there with the phone and it turned out to belong to the chef.  The receptionists were amazed that John had taken the trouble to return it and took his number.  Shortly afterwards the guy phoned John to say thanks and then drove down to where we were sitting to say thank-you in person and to invite John to have dinner tomorrow.  John declined saying he was just glad that the phone had been returned to him and then the chef gave €10 for our trouble - we decided to invest it in a drink at La Plage and to take advantage of the last few rays of sunshine.

We didn't realise that it had been so hot where we had been sitting and when to moved and it started to get chilly we all took on a rather ready-brek glow - just goes to show how easy it can be to catch the sun when you are right down on the coast.  It would appear, looking around, that we had enjoyed the very best of the weather where we had been.  It looked to have been very overcast in Droushia so thanks Lou and H for getting us away from that!!!  Also BIG THANKS to H for pointing out that there are new episodes of The Vikings for us to enjoy.  I got a big old fix of Ragnar Lothbrok last night!

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