Friday, 19 May 2017

Being normal is just relative to someone else's crazy...

Today we have been described by someone as the most normal couple he knows - that is probably the biggest complement anyone has ever paid us - we are chuffed!  But if we are normal god help those that are not!!!!!

So a double dose of visitors today.  Mike called in for coffee this morning and we arranged for him to come and have tea with us later after we returned from Paphos.  He is staying at Palates in the village so walking distance - we will pick him up and we can then wander back with him to make sure he gets home in one piece!!!

This afternoon whilst John was playing Badminton Mum, Dad and I went into deepest darkest Paphos to find the Paphos Gardens complex and to meet up with my godmother Janet and her partner Alan who are here for two weeks.  Aunty Janet says that this is going to be her last holiday which involves a flight so we want to make the most of their time here and it was an ideal opportunity to see them today and get our diaries together.

The last time Alan and Janet were here they stayed at Coral Bay so this is a bit of a change.  The complex is well established and not as modern as some but they like it, they say the food is good, equally as good as at the Crown Resort if not better and the staff are very nice and friendly.  We made arrangements to catch up with them regularly over the next two weeks which will include going out together for Mum's birthday on 18th.  It will be lovely.

We did a quick turn round and got home and got some tea on the go before John went to pick up Mike.  John used the barbeque for the first time and we had a sort of mini-meze with salad and dips and Cyprus potatoes and chicken, loukanika, halloumi, sheftalia and ribs and polished it off with another bread and butter pudding made from Di's marmalade - it all went down a treat and it was the most fabulous evening - we sat out till it was very late.

The house and garden looked beautiful all lit up and it was nice to be enjoying being outside without feeling cold or damp!!

We walked back with Mike to Palates, we had to encourage Charlie to go home and not come with us.

It was quiet at Palates and we sat with Bambos in the bar area supping some rather strong G&Ts before walking back home - it was a glorious star lit evening and we drank in our surroundings - feeling so lucky to be living is such a beautiful place.

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