Sunday, 7 May 2017

every picture tells a story

I am still ploughing through the photographs on the brick which is providing me with quite a bit of entertainment.  More often than not I am the one behind the lens but in the photograph above I am the subject and this was taken by Lola back last Summer when I had her for the day to give Elena a rest.  Lola likes to take a photograph so will no doubt be enjoying using the old camera which Di gave her recently.  Bassam and the children are now back from their holiday in the UK and I will catch up with them soon to hear all about it.

John is back tomorrow after being in the UK for three weeks.  I have spent time today sorting the house and the garden although I reckon he will be too tired to take any of it on board.  I had been doing so well with the pool until a million beetles came to visit and try ans I might I haven't got it back looking anything like as good as it did.  It will need his expertise once he has recharged his batteries.  He says he is going to shut the door, close the blinds and sleep for the four days I am away with Mum and Dad at my nephew's wedding in Dubai - on that note sadly Dad will not get to meet his great grandson as poor Jack has chicken pox and is unable to fly.

I shall be having an early night tonight, I have a few things to sort out in the morning and then I shall be leaving for Paphos airport and on Thursday will be making the journey to Larnaca airport and our Dubai adventure via Cairo.

It has been interesting to come across some really old photographs during my exercise to fill the stick.  Here I am at school and I reckon I must be about 16 with a fine head of hair - god knows what has happened to it all now as it is fine and thin.  It is interesting to learn that Clare Evans, directly behind me is now living and working in Antigua, Ambimbola Gbadamosi is in Lagos, Lizzie in front of me is somewhere in London and I seem to think her house was somewhere close to Highgate Cemetary.  That just leaves Rosemary (Pring) on the right and it seems that she has slipped from the radar.  We did have a reunion many years ago and she was there.  Next year it will be 40 years since we left Sunny Hill (Bruton School for Girls) and we are planning a reunion - this will be no mean feat because the class of '78 was scattered across the globe when we came together as classmates and are therefore scattered across the globe now we are in our 50s.  I am hoping that I will be able to return - it will be so good to catch up once again.  The last reunion was great fun and our years wearing the green uniform and following the Gleam bonded us all together.  I will leave with the last school photograph I had taken - in the Upper Sixth and one of the smallest so having to stand on a rather dangerous and rickety old chair - only one of the Chinese girls was smaller than me!!!

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