Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Water water everywhere...

So today we were confined to barracks as we had Alan (Mr Plumber Plumber Man) coming to fit a water softener, new ball-cock, new immersion element and some new tap-things.  Oh what a lucky girl I am that my minuscule pension goes on such exciting things!!!  We have talked for ages about getting a water softener and would have had it fitted sooner but Alan's shipment got caught up in the port dispute around Christmas time and then we sort of forgot but now looking at the white film all over the ball which makes up the water feature we realise how hard the water is around here and the limescale combined with the age of the immersion element have conspired to limit the hot water so whilst unexciting all these elements are a bit of a necessity.  We had a bit of an issue draining the tank today so the conservatory roof got a clean as it all poured out of the overflow!!

As we were at home today it gave me a chance to do a bit of a tidy up - mum's neighbour has given me some lilies from her garden and they are absolutely fabulous - the smell is incredible.  I decided to spend some more time transferring over some of the 80,000 photographs that are on the hard drive which was created after the old hard drive failed and I had to do my best to recover my past in pictures.  I spent several hours today copying photographs across only to realise after I had gone through 20,000 that nothing had copied for some reason so I was more than a little pe'ed off as you can imagine.  Will have to do it all again - deep joy!!

The Veasey's are back from their travels.  So glad that Rob's mum was here when the weather was good rather than this last week which would have been awful.  It is good to have the Veasey's back in the 'hood.  We have one of our regular Droushia Discovery Days tomorrow and we are looking forward to it - just hope the weather will be ok (really???? should we really be saying this in Cyprus at the end of May - global warming has gone bonkers).

We decided to have an early supper at Fitos to welcome them back - although they were very naughty and paid for our meal for looking after the house and garden whilst they were away.  It was very kind of them but we would have done it anyway because that is what friends and neighbours are for!

It was quiet in Fitos although we ended up knowing all the people who came in to eat.  First of all we managed to catch up with Malcolm and Norma who went
off to China and then seemed to disappear of the face of the earth - sadly they are in the middle of moving from Droushia to Polis so we will now be two less on our clean-ups as they have been coming recently.  Although they have lived in Droushia for 5 years it is only recently that we have socialised with them.

Next in was Barrie Rowe of the Barrie Rowe Big Band who we know through our friends Hilary and Keith - Barrie was having a meeting with Big Dave the saxophonist from the Village who is the founder of the Droushia Dixie Seven - looking at the picture above Keith is top row on the right with Barrie next to him and Hilary is in front of them (the only female in the photo) and Big Dave is in front of Hilary in the front row on the right.  We are hopeful that they are cooking up some Cyprus gigs and that Hils and Keith may be over and we can catch up.

We had a fabulous meal at Fitos - mid week and early is definitely the time to go particularly if Fitos himself is in attendance because you get so many more little bits and pieces to eat along with a free drink at the end!

We were treated to the most fabulous sunset too, we are hopeful that the weather is going to be good tomorrow for our trip out.  It would seem that the Veasey's managed to bring some sunshine back with them - thank goodness.

We were all a bit tired and with a full day in store tomorrow we were home by 9.00pm and I was tucked up in bed pretty soon afterwards.

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