Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A New Week...

I love Mondays but I don't like the fact that the cats have been getting me up at around 5.30am although John wouldn't have known anything about it but I do like the fact that at that time of the day I get to see the sunrise creeping up over the mountains of Lysos and peeking through the fence panels.  It is beautiful this time of year and it is so peaceful here in the morning at that time.  The sun rises on a new day and a new week - it is Monday - have I told you I love Mondays?  What a change from when Mondays would fill be with dread and I would start fretting on Sunday afternoon about what the forthcoming week would bring.

Summer has come at last and it was a beautiful walk down through the village to Sheila and Klaus's for my regular art session.  BigFoot is back with her foal and she is looking in really good condition as is her foal but the foal isn't tethered and runs around like a mad thing so is in danger of being run over if it isn't careful.

I have chosen my next picture - I wanted to do something which included a lot of glass and I thought that this picture filled the brief and was quite a commercial subject in case I don't keep it.  It is going to be a challenge - my three hours this morning have produced the start of the bird but it is sadly lacking so needs a lot more work.

Sheila is still working on her flowers as I work on my bird.  It is proving difficult to get the bird to look like it is made out of wood - bring on the glass floats I will enjoy doing those!  Sheila seems to be ok after having a small cyst-like thing removed from underneath her left eye and she tells me Klaus is gradually recovering from his bad back which is good news.  I don't like it when they are not very well.

Sheila and Klaus have some newcomers in their garden as they have some new kittens - the last few litters have been ginger or peach coloured but this lot are shades of grey and beautiful.  I hope that they survive because they are so sweet-looking.

These evening we were meeting up with Lou and H on one of our regular Work Life Balance days - it has been a bank holiday and it is a Monday so there was no belly dancing.  We had thought to have lunch at the Magic Garden but it isn't open on a Monday so we were going to try the newly reopened Sa Buneri taverna which overlooks the Evretou Dam.

We had called in a couple of months ago when we were out on one of our regular Droushia Discovery Days.  Then it was still closed and looked rather sad and deserted and with all the resident pigeons dirty too.  It has been taken over by the guy who used to work at the Water Mill in Steni and his partner Clair.

It is a lovely location but it is a shame that the best part of the restaurant which commands stunning views over the reservoir is still shut up so there are limited views from the courtyard and sadly right in front of us some unthinking locals have used the ravine as a tip for their excess builders waste.

It was a glorious evening - so much so that for a while it was really too hot sitting with the sun coming down even though we had chosen to sit under the wooden pergola thing.  The sun was too low for us to be given any shade and then as the evening progressed the breeze came up over the water and was a little chilly - for Lou but not for me as I am still full of cold and have an internal thermostat that is set to off the scale.

One of the benefits of an evening out with Lou and H is that they invariably either have to go back to see to the dogs or have an early start for work in the morning (or both) so they don't relish a late night and so it was just about still daylight when we made our way back home after a very pleasant evening with the Jones's.  We have a beach picnic booked in for our next day and hopefully a swim as Lou said she had ventured in recently and it was still on the cold side.

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